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a belgian blue cow near Ciney in Belgian 7/2002
the pride of belgium
Pride? Well, it's not a understatment to call them
controversial. Here in Sweden there have been a long turmoil
concerning whether it is possibel to forbid them or not. It
turned out that the could not bee fobidden even thou the
gouverment whanted too because EU rules concerning free
trade prevented that. In fact that was of less importence as
they are boycotted bye veterinarians, slaugterhouses etc
that don't whant them as the consumers would punish anybody
dealing with them.
Prachtige dieren die wit-blauwe runderen.Wel enorm spijtig
dat de Belgische regering en de carefour en andere
grootwarenhiuslabels de prijzen en de winstmarge vandeze
dieren om zeep helpen.Nu zijn de prijzen rond de 100fr./kilo
waarbij mijn grootvader vroeger nog 150fr./kilo
look who's jealous now, i feel so sorry for you; luckily the
union is bigger than scandinavia !
in one big european union we don't have to talk about
patriotism , but about working together , people like you
should also consider doing that.
bert'n gie zijt e vent naar min hart, die klootzakken die
tegen keizersneden zin (de scandinaven) moetn ulder tap
ze goan eulder klootzakkerij uitvoeren , en et nuze kapot
eje em oort , ze boycotten us
datten bse krijgt , de loozer
min bloed kookt aket oren , ik kweken zelve vette stiers up
label voor carrefour, k'weten wuk dat is
And a good start for working together is a little knowledge
about what is happening in other countrys, isn't it? I have
told you what is happening here, opinion in Sweden doesen't
like Belgian blue, they are described as "monster cows" and
meat from them would bee impossibel too sell here. What i
haven't said anything about is whether i consider this
opinions resonabel or not. That is a different matter. But
as we have very strong concerns here about the way we treat
animals and that is reflected both among consumers and in
gouverment it would bee economic suicide trying too have
that breed here. If the knowlegde of those facts harm
sombodys national pride, well, sorry for that but i hope you
don't mean i should't inform you about wiews in other
countrys if sombody might dislike those wiews?
we here in belguim know what you really mean, the
scandinavian countries don't like ceasarian section, your
cows don't need that , so you think they are superior to
ours , so our cows should vanish , so that you can export
your meat . that is the big problem with the union,
everybody wants to do profit with export but there is no
need to export to other countries . to me the union is just
a way for big countries to get bigger and small countries to
get smaller.
concerning the quality of the meat , i really like to know
on wich arguments you opinion is based , ever heared of
quality-labels , we feed our cows with special 100 %
biological grain and corn , an exterior quality-consultancy
agency controlles everything, they take samples of the
blood, the grains, even the manure , to see if everything is
ok .the cows have to ahve at least 10 square mand a lot of
straw to lay in . When everythign is ok , we sell our cows
to a slaughterhause that works together with carrefour, a
big supermaket . That also means that the cows receice the
quartes-label ,a quality-label that is supported by our
sorry , it's in dutch , try to translate with systran

so tell me now what is so special about your cows , post a
pic please ! I'd really like to know more about them .
Well Krusty some things have got right and some wrong, I try
to explain a little more. It is the cesarian and maybee
other helth problems that is the concern, thats right, but
don't even think of that it might bee some trick from
farmers etc too talk bad of Belgian blue so we can export
easily, our problem is not to find markets for export, due
to our goverments policy of trying to get as little money
from the union as possible for farmers at the same time as
we have strong enviromental rules and high taxes the result
ofcourse is that we get little meat to export but a need for
import. The tales about your cows come from media, press and
TV and we have a very publicity minded agriculture minister
that takes any chanse to follow opinion and don't care a bit
about farmers. So your cows is a problem for you, you can't
sell them here, at least not if you tell about that it is,
and if you prove that it is a good meat and that your cows
are eating good doesen't change anything, thats not the
issue. If consumers have taken the standpoint that something
is evil, well, thats it, no point of producing it. If your
consumers don't mind any helth problems and you can find
economi in that breed, well, if so I understand why you have
them. As you seem to confuse that i tell you about general
opinion with my own opinion I'd better tell you abot that
also. To call these animals monsters is ridicuolus and and
it seems as if there have been som confusion about whether
they are a result of selective breeding ore genetic
engenering. Personally I don't find those cows interesting
anyway, due to economic reasons meet production is tending
to bee a hobby here and what is needed are healthy animals
that can sustain with minimum supervision and don't ruin us
with costly veterinarians. So, those cows might bee good for
you but they will not do the trick for us.
makes sense , i get your point of view . The mainproblem is
the bad publicity due to bse , dioxin,...
show a sick cow on tv and everybody will buy a nice
broilerchicken, so very healthy!!? much better than a sick
People don't want belgian meat , not for the quality, people
in belguim believe in it , after all the recent deseases
they are thinking a bit sceptic about free speach and media.
e recent poll 64 % pro red meat 26 contra
but the main problem here is price
f.ex a nice cow +-600 kg * 2.5 €/kg that's what we get
ou supermarket triples the price
10 years ago +-900!!!kg *4 €
we have to deliver at less kilo's ( no more monster cows)
for a smaller price but they still eat as much , and the vet
has to come to !

One thing a want to make clear , ou blue-white isn't e
genetic monster , we use cross-breathing , the government
has a special devision for that , the VRV
but that would lead us to far , in Europe everythign is
clean, from sweden , to spain , no hormones, no forbidden
genetics , that's more likly in the us

But hey , what do we have here , the US , Argentina, WELCOME
IN BURGERKING? Mc Donalds ...
there is the problem , ou common competitor , they
gen-monsters , the living hormones , the cheap beaf you buy
in big supermarkets , consumers are happy , very healty
meat, and so cheap , much better that a sick cow from on tv

i hope you see muy point of view , i look forward hearing
you thoughts on it

greeets krusty
Well, don't think you are the only ones that get lousy
Europ i rather free from problems concerning meet - yes,
thats true but not totally free, bse, dioxin, ilegal use of
hormones etc, it has done a big damadge. But the biggest
damadge here in Sweden has in fact been done by fotos shown
on TV of cruel handling of cattle, every film of that give
us more vegetarians and more people ready to let loose minks
and vandalise slaughterhouses. Long transports and cruel
handling, thats the big issues over here. Maybee we have a
different way to look upon animals, new examinations show
that a amazing part of Swedes agree with the wiew that
animals are of equal worth as humans. Surley makes life
complicated if you want to eat meet... As usual, somebodys
loss is somebody others gain, people can't stop eating even
if they want to and vegatables have to bee produced somwhere
too. To sell anything else other than Swedish meat is not
easy here, Probably people in all countrys belive their food
to bee the only one that is clean and produced in a deacent
way but it tends to bee more than that. And if people don't
whant beef, maybee I can sell more turkeychickens - well,
there are gains to be made but netherless, I think we all
lose in the long run, more or less but the way massmedia act
we are dependent on each other, if a belgian farmer does
something that will make a scandal on the evening news it
will make it even more complicated to farm in Sweden - and
ofcourse it works the other way around to.
we surely have the same problems, here tv has recently shown
an amateur-videotape about cruelty in the market in ciney
(there is a picture postt of this market)
It wasn't real cruelty , just some farmer with a stick ,
defending hemself . What would you do when a bull of 700 kg
want's to attack you , defend yourself in every possible way
, ofcourse!
they have shown this on tv , people were shocked, the
farmers shown on tv went to jail , but for what ??
They werent punished very hard , but we were .

the sales dropped even deeper , and we all ow it to the tv ,
and one organisation, called gaia , how i hate them !!!
ther foreman , michel vandenboschhe ( a farmerson!) does
everythign to make belguim a vegetarian countrey (english version to)

We also have a agriculture-minister, she's a member of ou
"green"-party. You can imagien how good she doe sher job !!
aaah all those problems , we should we continue fighting,
iff the union and our own governments don't stand on our
side ?

will this ever change?

ps , i haven't asked you who you really are , a farmer i
think , i saw you mower ?!

i am a farmerson of belguim we have 50 holsteins for the
milk and 100 white-blue cows for the meat , all on label
we have 10 ha wheat 15 ha corn 25 ha grass 4 ha peas 7 ha
sugarbeets 4 ha spinach 12 ha potatoes

greetz krusty
I have also been under attac from bulls and I can tell you
I'm use anything to defend myself but what we have seen on
TV has been a little more than that, you can't claim that it
is selfdefence to lift halfdead animals in one leg. A lot of
the complaints is just rubbish but not all of it and it is
giving us a lot of problems.
So, you also have interesting politicans, well, seams to bee
the curse of farmers everythere....
If I am a farmer? Good question, I tell you that I am doing
and you might decide to your liking. I have some bulls,
sheep, turkeys etc but I'm also breeding a lot of not so
ordinary animals guinea pigs, rats, snakes, beetles,
dormice, whatever, don't give much money but is rather fun.
My main crop is Salix, that is bushes for combustion, I have
about 100 Ha of that, I also have grass and oats for the
animals. I also have som contractors jobs, snow, spraing etc
and I am also studying. And the mover wasen't mine but a
neigbours. Just as good....
Paul Müller E-mail

I have send the pictures of BBB and the market from Ciney to
You have some BBB,I m verry interestet , where do you live
in Belgium?
Next wekend I visit some breeders in Belgium,because I
search a bull for my small herd of succler cows.
Greetings from Germany

Uze koeien zien goed, al altid gewist en ze gon t'altid
bluven, leve Belgisch wit blauw!!!!!


Our cows , here in Belguim are good, and they always will
It's only a shame that the prices aren't always good and
that we have a stupid goverment, who doesn't give a shit
about the farmers.

I only hope that the situation is going to change soon !!!!!
And that my English was ok.
hello guys i am back , how are you
i've been travelling a lot lately and i've missed farmphoto
, sorry we had to stop our discusssion, sorry paul , i live
in Ypres , you are always welcome , contact me

greetz krusty
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