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Benny 174275 26 Complaint about language either
Complaint about language
I have been a regular viewer of this superb site for a few
years now. However, i have noticed that it has pratically
become a German and Dutch site. For anyone who doesn't speak
their language, it is incredibly annoying when nearly every
post is from them. Why can't they have their own kind of
site in their country, or at least speak the language of the
origin of this site. I could go on for hours complaining
about this, but i hope YOU will coment on this post. (i
wouldn't be surprised if the language changed though...:()

Re: Complaint about language
Hi Charles,

as the site owner, I see this complaint quite a bit. My
perspective on this has always been that I'd at least still
like to see the pictures even if I can't follow the
conversation. It's a pain, yes, but I really don't like to
make this an anglo-only site. There is just too much to see
in the non-english-speaking world!

If I could come up with some incentive for users to
translate their posts into English (or from English into
language X) I'd implement it in a heartbeat. Suggestions

Re: Complaint about language
Charles: Dutch and German? The langue manly spoken here is
Dutch. And 9 of the 10 dutch people will explain and
translate there text if you asked so that is not a real big
problem, is it? For the Flemish speaking visitors it is a
diffrent story. They manly do not speak proper english òr
Dutch :-P. But you could still ask if they would translate
something for you. We can also help eachother, and if
sombody doesnt know something other visitors could help :-\.

Maby it is better to look at spam and collorwars then the
language. I believe that is not a big problem on this site.
Re: Complaint about language

How is your knowlegde of foreign languages?

For the biggest majority of the worldpopulation is it
impossible to expres themselves in in a foreign language.
For many is it already difficult do it in their own

But as Arcane already stated if you want to know something
or being just curious just ask. There is almost always
someone who translates the asked teksts.
Re: Complaint about language
yes we can, I would translate all dutch texts you ask, but I
don't write English because it isn't my language, if you ask
me, I'll translate what I said...
Re: Complaint about language

Imagine if you were Dutch, and antoher Dutchman posted
something, why sould you than writhe Englisch if you can do
it in Dutch? As somebody from another land want to know
where that conversation is about than you would translate it
also, wouldn't you? I understand that you dont like it when
we are writhing in Dutch, but just ask if somebody could
translate it.

I got the same problem with CoralCDN(USA) but it take some
time to load the photo's, with it gose

Re: Complaint about language
Hey guys,

You know what I think. Since it is a English site, you
should first explain the picture in English. You have to
make sure your flag is really the country your from, (Frank
you are an example of this), so people know what your main
lanuage is. Then if a Dutch person wants to reply to another
dutch person's explanation in English, they can carry on in
Dutch. At the same time, English speaking people can also
ask questions about the photo and they can have a discussion
in English with the author. This way dutch people can talk
dutch to each other, and non - dutch speaking can still
understand the picture, and ask questions about it in their


Re: Complaint about language
Hi there,

I think the best would be to post in english because I think
the most visitors are able to understand it.

Another way could be to post in two languages. A few times I
have already seen it. First you wrote in your language (only
when it isn´t english) and then you translate it to english
an put under it.
That could be a way.
Re: Complaint about language
I think the best way to do it is write in both languages.
One under the other, but if your replying to a question from
a person from the same country just use your home language.
Just use english to describe the pictures and to answer to
english questions.

Hope this is of any help, Regards Luke.
Re: Complaint about language
Yeah Luke, good Idea, but... my English isn't very well, I
can speak some english but about farming i don't know ver
much in English, How do we solve this??
Re: Complaint about language
I start writing in two languages as soon the Anglosakson
people do the same :-)
A question. When start the British guys writing in proper

To please I can tell you one thing. The most writen here in
Dutch is not very interresting and for sure NOT worthy to

My strange flag is to find my own posts in a long thread.
In this way I can find my own posts easy and fast in order
to see what I wrote a few days before.
Re: Complaint about language
I think we should consider write all in english.
Most of us understand more or less this languaje.
If your english writting is not very good, dont writte so
The problem is not the people that doesnt know how to write
in good english, the problem is the people that know but
dont want to make it.
I saw a lot of Dutch conversations (for example) where
someone asks for something and most of em know how to
So why dont they all try to write in english so we all could
Re: Complaint about language
Guys, just so you know, I have moved all the posts in this
thread primarily relating to the image mirror problem to a
new thread (id 174318 - jump to it from the fron page). I
have tried to answer those questions there...
Re: Complaint about language

I agree. Look at the picture, and if you still can't figure
it out, just ask for a translation. Someone on here will
surely do it!! I have never had a problem, someone has
always translated!!

My hats off to the ones who do put them in both languages.
Although soon, I will be able to translate on my own!!

Remember, A stupid question is the one that was not asked!!

Take care,

Re: Complaint about language
I think the best idea to solve this problem is to explain
where the picture is about in english and the rest doesn`t
really matter, because mostly I don`t even read the whole
dutch threads because it`s realy not interesting what they
talking about. I can speak dutch much better than english
because I only live here in Ontario for a year now, so dutch
is much easier for me. for the rest I`m fine with this nice
greets, Marien Rozendaal
Re: Complaint about language
This is a great site, and to understand each other, I think
we could to type it in oer own language and a trenslation
into english.
I can read english and germen but I Can't read french or
Polish or what ever, so I now what you mean Charles.

So my opinion is : that the poster could type in his own
language, but for the other users of this site he should
type it in english.

I think the most users can agree with me.

Gr. Niels.
Re: Complaint about language
Frank, I have tried to implement 'avatars' so now you should
be able to upload a picture to represent yourself rather
than using the flag.

Like all my programming, this code is probably full of bugs
:-[ but try it out anyway and see if it works for you...

Re: Complaint about language
Re: Complaint about language
maybe can farmphoto make a translator or a link to one,
that can people fill in in dutch or englisch and it goes out
in the other language... very easy like this one:
=...&lp=en_nl (englisch - dutch) or
=...&lp=nl_en (dutch - englisch) it`s a suggest...:-D;-) he
dont pick the hole link but copy then it wants, however,
greets auko
Re: Complaint about language
Thats a Great idea.

Gr. Niels.
Re: Complaint about language

That is a great idea. Let's try it out here. Will one of
the dutch guys ( or girls ) on here please let us know if
the translation is accurate?


Hallo, Dat is een groot idee. Probeer het uit hier. Gelieve
hier te laten één van de Nederlandse kerels (of meisjes) ons
of is de vertaling nauwkeurig weten? Dank.

Re: Complaint about language
sounds Great...
Re: Complaint about language
Well guy's every body seams to think the same about the
english writing.

There are some dutch vissetors that start a post in english,
so they can share the pictures and the information that they
want to tell, that is a good thong. Most of the times there
is not much raction from english speaking persons so when
there is reaction from a dutch speaking persons the post
will go on in dutch. Because that happens quid offen the
dutch will post the next time in his own language because
there's no english respond, besite that not every one now's
the right terms that we have in agriculture.

Thats how i think about it, and it is a good thong that we
keep up the internationel image of this site.

PS. my enlish is not always 80 procent :-D

eccample >>> Post #: 94660 Here i started english and we
end up in dutch
Re: Complaint about language
Hello everybody!!!!!
Thanks Stu for your newest thing, with that Avater :-D :-P
Re: Complaint about language

dat is wel heel simpel wat jij denkt want de gene
die niet zo goed engels kunnen reageren nu natuurlijk
ook niet.
en als Charles vindt dat de site overheerst wordt
door nederlanders en belgen dan is het vanzelfspreekend
dat de hoofd taal dan Nederlands wordt,en om dan
alles te vertalen in het Engels wordt wel heel vermoeiend.
Of willen de nederlanders weer het braaftse jongetje van
de klas zijn.
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