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OptiPhil 19433 158 Tree 1 : Dozer 0 either
Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Looks like this tree won the battle :-)

Taken in KY around 1990.

Other photos like this on our website at
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
I personally think that the dozer needed a better
operator.I've seen trees 4 times that size taken out by
smaller dozer' need to cut some root's with the
blade and then give it a good shove.Didn't pay for him or
her to just spin the tracks until it was hung up Jeez.
Re: Trees 0 : 5245 : 2
last month, i pushed out 2 oaks, 30 and 35 centimeter thick.
the smaller one didn't need special treatment, the thicker
one just had to get rid of two roots before it bowed for the
Master, Zetor 5245.

I always like these kind of jobs, a real battle of man and
machine, against the quiet force of nature.
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
centimeters doesn't tell us modern people anything---how
many inches was it?
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Modern people use inches? !!!

The whole world is metric apart from America, who is Modern?
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Hey, I am from the USA and I prefer the SI system to US
Standard units. Metric is a much simplier system to use.
It is just tough to get 250 million people to change there
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Off-Topic but interesting :-)

You are right Doug, but one thing to mention:

Here in Europe (or better the part of Europe that is now the
EU) 350 million people have managed to get rid of their
medieval systems many decades ago (o.k. that time we were
much less than 350 million :-).
But I have to admit, that the GB people still have some
problems with it and the netherlands here in the page have
problems with interantional languages....:-)

So to come to a conclusion I think we all can make it with
a little effort :-D

Greetings from Bavaria
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Im in the UK and I dont use metric. Bloody EU think they
know it all!! I want nothing to do with them or their
measurement systems.
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Well, for the lazy ones:
one feet is about 30 centimeters.
(Hey, i know this, but why didn't you know this ?? They're
your feet, my centimeters, so we both should know this)

And i agree, the British should abandon their medieval
measurement system
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
I do know this, we were taught both systems in school. We
have used this system for generations with no problems. As
we say here " if it isn't broke dont fix it". I dont see why
we should use metric just to please the EU. They have a lot
to answer for as it is.
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Hi Dave,

don't blame everything that you personaly do not likte to
the EU, please! Here is a link to a page that may help you a
little bit:

And if you still feel the EU, the metric system and
something else as that bad..... how about expatriate
yourself somewhere to sibiria or so. Perhaps you can still
burn up some witches there ;-)

Greetings from Bavaria
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Hi Joe, it might interest to know that we invented tv, the
telephone and penicilin among other things. We dont burn
witches! What great inventions of mankind have come from
Bulvaria? I will bad mouth the EU as much as I like, they
have ruined agriculture in this country.
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
The metric system!!!!!! :-D
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Come on now Dave. Don't be so proud!

Fleming might have "discovered" penicillin but it took an
aussie named Florey to realize it's potential. Even then it
took WWII and the industrial know-how of the americans to
turn it into something useful.

So if you think about it, it was WWII that actually invented
penicillin. And I think you can actually thank a certain
Bavarian for that...

Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Back to the point. What im saying is that some great
inventions came out of this country without the aid of the
metric system. I just dont like the way the EU pushes us to
use there systems and ideas. They should have sorted out the
French ban on British beef before now, what took them so
long?? If it had been the other way round then things would
have been different.
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Forgot to mention that we now boycott all French produce
here now. This includes cars, tractors, machinery,
foodstuffs and any household goods.
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
HEY DAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly, i understand why you are posting those messages at
Renault photos, with text like "kick 'em back to France"

It has to do with the still ongoing French boycot of British
beef, isn't it ??

...And you're damn right about that !!!
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Thank you Renze, it's nice to hear someone speaking sense!
As it happens I have used several Renault tractors and I
dont like them anyway. But I dont see why we should buy
anything from the French when they wont buy our beef. We
have some of the best Aberdeen Angus in the world! There has
never been a case of BSE (mad cow disease) reported in our
area. Also the nearest case of foot and mouth was nearly 400
miles away from us.
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Though it looks like this discussion has been closed about 1
year ago I need to say thats its not the EU who wants anyone
to use the metric system---IT`S REASON

What do you think is better:
0,1 cm = 1mm
10 cm = 1dm
100 cm = 1m
100000 cm = 1km


12 inch = 1foot
36 inch = 1yard
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
The French are trouble causing again right now with Bush and
Blair about Iraq. French politicians are all snobs, trying
hard to distantiate themself from the rest of the world.
It's time for France to grow up.
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Yes!! Let´s all follow Bush!Who cares if he´s a Dumbass who
couldn´t even show you Europe on a Map or would think that
it´s in Texas.After he bombed Irak it´ll again be for others
to clean the mess up.Of course the USA will bring
democracity to the Iraq.Just like it happened in
Chile,Guatemala,Iran,Kuwait Afghanistan and elsewhere.
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
Well Einachser it looks like you know wat u are talkin
about. And so did the other European countries when hitler
ran your worthless countries over. It took the United
States (u know the ones with the dumb measuring system) to
defeat Hitler and the Japanese and save your asses, i mean
the superior country always has to correct the iferior
countries mistakes. Europe could not even support its self
ne more, they have become overpopulated and their
agriculture is being run by wanna be farmers. So screw the
Euros. The USA will always be supreme.
Re: Tree 1 : Dozer 0
if the usa is supreme ackt like it , war is not allways the
awnser,you say stupid frenche well wapons of massdistruction
have you found dem in irak? NO!!!!!
Wen i ploug me field in spring i'm plouging up
granats,bombschels,gassbombs from WWI, 90yaers later
In a radius of 5 kilometers of my farm ar 2000000 soldiers
berried DAT IS WARR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
butt tanhks for saving us
1 inch = 2.543cm
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