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JOSHJA 216171 59 Tracked Challenger with Loader ??? either
Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
Hi all! I found this picture on the site: but I don't think the webmaster
understands how awsome this tractor is. It is a newer
version of a CAT Challenger - TRACKED that is equipped with
a FED(front end loader!!). The loader appears to be a
Quicke (ALO). The tractor is used for studying ice in I
believe Antarctica and pulls around a huge sleigh and has a
fancy "radar" type thing mounted on the FED. PLEASE get
back to me on this!!!
Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
yeah, its awesome!! never before seen a challenger with a
FED. and with those huge tracks. And ofcourse fulling a
sled.. anyone more info?? anyone who spotted on antarica??
Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
oops! i meant FEL not FED (Front End Loader).
Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
ghehehee, that causes my problem too.

We normally don't use those words. we call a FEL a VOORLADER
Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
Looks like the previous model CAT tractor.

I have seen a pic of a similar tractor before
Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
Yo Josh!! Lots of Cats at work in Antartica....some with
belts ( rubber) ....and some with the real deal, steel this bad boy; a special D8 built just for
work at the South End of the world. :-D
Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
I got a few things to say, to a few different people.

1) FLying Dutchman, in your avatar, are those your
equipment(TM, JD 7020 Large Frame, JD Loader)?

2) For anyone who cares, I live on a cattle operation in
Alberta, Canada. We run about 250 head of cattle at a
time(cows and calves). For tractors/loaders we run a
Ford-NH 7710, a NH TM125, a NH TV145 Bidirectional Tractor,
and a CAT931 Crawler Loader. We want to trade the TM125 on
a JD7720 with 746 loader but that requires moola(money $$$)

3) Another thing to say is in response to the real CAT in
anarctica, I have seen that image in my quest for finding
more images of the Cat Challenger w/ loader. That D8 is
around 50 years old? They have a few of them and they name
them, I think one of the names is "Mary-Anne". Those D8s
are nearing retirement and the settlement is having a
celebration for them and turning them into a type of
museum/information station. I guess there's not much for
entertainment up there! :-P

4) Also, Dutchman, do you still have the similar photos you
said you have seen?? I'd LOVE to see a loader on a MT865!!
That'd be handy for around a job site too!! they stopped
using crawler loader/dozers to pull scrapers because of the
rough ride but now...! They could pull scrapers AND load

5) Last summer my neighbor had to move 500 round silage
bales with a Tracked Skid-Steer because the field was too
soft. He had to carry 500 bales to the road in order to
load a truck sitting ON THE ROAD. The ground was that soft.
:-[ If a guy had one of these he could put two on the front
and two on the back (3pt hitch). Plus it'd be a lot nicer
to ride around in that then in a Bobcat... :-)

Bye for now!
Josh from Canada
Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
Look at this weird piece of machinary.. this thing is used
for making tunnes in the ice/snow.. Antarctic/SPoTS.htm for more
Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
This construction crane wouldn't start in the early
morning.. think the oil was frozen!:-P
The machinst; 'I was only one day off! and look what they've
done to my crane!' :-D
Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
John, this is the site that I got the information on the D8s
from. Rather than post all the information and pictures
I'll just let you go there yourself. :-P

Josh from Canada

If you are not a member of FarmPhoto(my e-mail is hidden
from you) but you have info/pictures about either a CAT
Challenger (tracked) with a loader, or a Challenger MT900
then please e-mail me at !!
Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
Actually that JD tractor in my avatar is an 8120 with
loader. The NH is a TM140 and the JD payloader is a 544H. We
also got a JD 7210 which is not in there.

Before that 8120 we had that loader on a 7710 IVT and that
was a great tractor. I'm sure you'll love a 7720 with
loader. Those 746 loader seems to be built right. Make sure
you get the IVT though. It is the best for loader work.

Unfortunately I didn't save the pic, but I think that was
also a previous model CAT tractor.
Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
Flying Dutchman, I never realised they offered the 7710 with
an IVT! We had a JD 7720/746 with a PQ and a JD 7520/741
with an IVT brought out to us on demo. The small frame was
not even close to being as nice as the large frame!! :-P
Although the IVT was amazing! My mom and I were sold on the
IVT when we drove it around the lot(at the dealership) but
my dad had no intention of paying(extra) for the IVT until
he drove it on the farm! :-D The 7720 BARELY fits in our
shop (and only without a bucket attachment on). This is
because we have to pull in and turn to the side in order to
get the bale processor in(the doors are mounted on the side
rather than on the end. :-[ Although we only need a
115hp(PTO) tractor the large frame has soooo much better
visibility!! The placement of the gauges on the pillar is
awsome aswell. And the way the loader mounts to the tractor
is incredible!! its like a loader-backhoe the loader is
built INTO the rest of the machine. Plus it actually looks
like an upgrade from the 7010 series! :-P :-D ;-)

By the way, why did you go for the Quicke loader over the
840 loader???(on your 8120) The new 8030s look awsum!!!!

Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
Only in 2003 were the 7710 and 7810 were offered with IVT
and the speed selector was mounted on the side console
similar to the 19 speed PS transmission, not on a command
arm. But it was a very good tractor. We had it for 18
months/1000hrs. Just didn't have enough HP for the new
implements we bought.

We got that Alo loader since the deere dealer liked to sell
those rather than the deere loaders. And they can fit on
many brands of tractors. The loader on our JD 7210 spent
about 2 weeks on a neighbours NH TM125 when theirs broke.

We just traded the tractors and kept the loader, just needed
the parts on the tractor.

From what i have heard the 746 loader is very strong, you'll
damage the heavy duty front axle before the loader. Someone
nearby was overloading it a little too much.
Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
Josh: Yup, the D8 LGP's have been retired. And they really
don't have anything in the inventory that can replace them.
:-( You probably have already seen this bad boy at work
down south ;-)
Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
Josh: No FEL on this baby that was posted to this site a
while back....but is pulling a scraper :-D Still looking
through my HD looking for what you want ;-)
Re: Tracked Challenger with Loader ???
Dutchman, we have a Quick Q980 on our TM125! It should only
be a Q960 but the dealer talked us into it andwe got it for
the same price as the 960 because the loader had been on
display at the local farm show. Well so far we broken the
front axle either 2 or 3 times already. We had a 1,700lb
Maxi-Grapple on the front end so it was like we were
carrying a bale even when we weren't!!. Added to the fact
that my dad would sometimes carry two bales on the front it
was not a good thing. We finally got a bale spear for it
just this summer and we did about 1000 bales of silage with
it. Although we love the way the TM is when it works
properly, it keeps braking down(other than the two bales on
the grapple we treat our equipment like royalty). Although
the tractor is like-new the deere dealers will give us squat
for it on a trade. Anyways, back to my point, yes I see
what you mean about it being nice to be able to switch
loaders but, other than the degree of curl on the Quicke, we
hate it. No matter what tractor we get we want a factory
installed loader for the tractor, not just a "will-fit".
Plus, with the buil-in loaders, it's like they're not even
there! You can actually see what's in front of the tractor.
I'm glad you've had success with Quicke.

Also, how different are the cabs between the 7020(large) and
the 8020 ?

P.S. The ONLY complaint we have with the design of the 7020
large frames is that there is no sun/moon roof (we like that
for when we have the loader all the way up and are loading
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