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Sandro Z 220278 103 CaseIH 2388 exclusive either
CaseIH 2388 exclusive
CaseIh 2388 exclusive with 8 row Olimac header.
photo taken yesterday in the Venetian country, Northern
Sandro Zampieri
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
2388 unloading mais on a brand new Pavelli 3 axles dumper.
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
Side pic of the combine: 2388 has only 1 month and 120 hours
on the odometer!
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
Front pic of the combine while unloading.
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
2388 was impressive in its work: 10 km/h with 8 row!
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
2388 was impressive in its work: 10 km/h with 8 row!
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
These performance are possible because of an upgrade of the
ECU: now 2388 engine has about 370 hp, for a consume of 70
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
2388 unloading on the trailer while combining: the grain
tank is too small for the performance of the machine. Soon
they want to increase its capacity.
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
Another pic at the work.
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
Trailer was pulling from a NH Tg 285.
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
Another pic of Tg 285.
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
The last pic!
Sandro Zampieri
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
Nice pics Sandro. Why is the one of the shields in the last
picture open? These are very powerfull combines thats for
sure. But also here they have troubles with the tanks being
too small, thats why they always use tractors and buggy's
when harvesting corn. Combines like these could probably
handle a header twice as wide, but then the tank would be
full even faster.....
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
Hi Martien! I see you write from Canada, where exactly?
The shield in the last pic is open simply because they had
open it to check a belt and then closed in the wrong way.
I think axial flow are wonderful combines but the grain tank
is really too small. Machine is brand new so they had no
time to increase the grain tank, but there are some other
problem. In Italy in this months we had a lot of rain and we
have many problems to work on the fields. The soil is always
wet, the combine is heavy when the tank is full and it sink
everyday. Probably with double or triple front tire the
floating will be better but also we have the problem of the
road transfer: combine will be too much wide!same problem
with the header: we often have very small fields to combine
and we must have a folder header to enter in every HOLE!
Because of all this problems we use this solution : single
and wide front tyre, 4 wd and folder header. Up to 8 row i
think there isn't folder header( sure in Italy) and with the
grain tank extension combine is too heavy to work in this
wet condition!
This is all!
thanks for your compliments: i would like to know the way
you work in Canada with combines.
Sandro Zampieri
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
Hello again,

Here in canada, rotary combines now make up about 70% of all
combines used. Basically all new combines are rotary
combines. Here they have special bin extensions which allows
the grain to pile up like i showed you in this picture. Over
here John Deere, Case and Newholland dominate the market,
but you will also find Gleaner (agco), and massey ferguson.
Claas combines are extremely rare, and you dont see to many
Catterpilar combines in our area. I suppose you will find
more in the usa. The three main crops found in my area is
Corn, Soybeans, wheat, some white beans or edible beans
(beans for people). In corn like I said, the tank is
useually too big. In this case they use special grain
buggies. I will now post a picture of the buggy
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
Here is a picture of a buggy. Buggies are two wheeled grain
carts that are used to haul the grain from the combine to
the truck. Buggies are useually not used on the road. People
who used buggies useually use trucks to haul their grain
while other prefer to used gravity boxes. I will now post a
picture of a gravity box. You might be surprised to know
that most of the time gravity boxes are available in three
colours, red, blue and green....
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
Here is a picture of a gravity box by J&M, a commonly seen
manufacturer in this area. Gravity boxes come with different
running gears (wheels and frame) that range from 8 to 25
tons. They come with old truck tires called "Super single's"
as they were used as front tires on cement trucks, and they
are really wide. Or they come with implement tires, which
provide less compaction and damage to the field, but are not
as good for on the road. By the way, grain buggies come with
either really wide single tires, or with dual tires.
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
Here is a folder from Air Reel, a system that is used here
to assist in bean harvest. When harvesting beans you
sometimes experience uneven flows, beans piling up in your
header which can cause your combine to plug, and also in
some cases beans fall from the plant due to the header. This
sysem uses a blower, which i think is run hydraulically, and
it blows this air through pipes mounted in the header. The
air will blow the crop into the combine to provide an more
even flow, and less loss. I thought you might find this
interesting. Well thats all for now. I hope I answered your
questions... feel free to tell me something more about the
way your harvest in your country.

Regards martien
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
Hi Martien!
In Italy a small part of new combines sold are rotary: the
classic machine with straw walkers is still the most selled.
Here, but also in Europe are Claas, NewHolland and John
Deere that dominate the market: CaseIH for me is a very good
combine but it was not very diffused, it may be because it
was never understand from farmers. They said that axial
machine spoil the straw and then it's difficult to pick up
it with the balers. Caterpillar combines are Claas combine
with Cat decals, so we have the original machines, Claas.
Gleaner here do not exist, because Agco prefer to promote on
the market MF and Fendt combines.
There is also Laverda, a very important firm years ago, but
on the '80 it was purchased by Fiatagri and practically
destroied. When NH purchase CaseIH to create CNH, Laverda
and McCormick were sold to an important italian group, ARGO
group, that already had Landini tractors, another italian
important brand. Now Laverda produces very good combines,
selled at a lower price as to the other combines.
For the buggy for corn, i had already saw it in many pics on
this website, but in Italy we don't use it, because we have
usually small fields and we use trailers (sometimes we use
dumpers), in which the combine unloads directly.
As you write me, buggy cannot be used on the road, but we
must use the roads to brings the grain to the agricultural
union in order to sell it.
Idem for the gravity box, we use only agricultural trailers,
with two or three axes, or dumpers trailers: very important
they must be available to upsetting, in order to unload the
grain at the Union.
Very interesting the Air Reel folding header: i understand
how it works, here i have never seen a similar header, but
in my region we have not beans as crop. It may that in other
region someone have this kind of header.
Where do you live exactly in Canada?
Thanks for all! see you soon.
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
heya a guys intersting reading your posts thought id make a
comment or 2 and ask a few questions.
in one of the 2388 posts you said that the ECU gave the
combine more power, i understand that this is a exclusive
model, i was not aware that the exclusive came out with any
electrics on the engine, what i do know is that there is a
new model 2388 called the extream, which has an electronic
engine, it is not as powerful as the AFX 8010, but the
princapl is the same with power hops under load and while
unloading on the move this combine is due for australia
release in 2006, we will have demos this harvest. as for the
grain tanks and extensions ive only seen that type on euopen
combines the one like on the john deere comes out standard
on all 2388's in australia, i understand that you can buy
them seperatly we have fitted a few to older 2388's, all our
operations are oats, lupins, peas, barley, wheet, and canola
all these crops can be harvested with the one combine they
are so universal. i wanted to know why the eurpoen combines
have that style grain tank extesnions. the attached photo of
two 2388's is from 2005 they are new this year and are
under-going a PDI
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
Hi All!
I agree with cummins: It´s very interesting reading your
posts! Keep it commin! ;-)

Cummins: About the tank extension on european machines -
not sure if I can give you the correct answer, but I think
this might be it:
Years ago all combines sold here (in Denmark, anyway...)
where equipped with closed graintanks - probably for
preventing rain getting in, if it started raining while
harvesting (weather can be pretty poor here...) To get into
the tank, you´d have a service hatch you´d crawl down
trough. Anyway - times change and people wanted bigger
tanks, but still didnt want to get rain into the grain tank,
so they invented the folding tank type you see on the 2388.
When folded all the way up it holds quite a bit, but its not
"water tight" as you see - close it a bit and you'll still
be able to harvest and not getting the grain soaked!
(Tadaaaa... :-))
Anoter explanation to the fold-up type is tha you can drive
on steeper hillsides with a full tank without loosing grain
on the ground as you would with the "funnel-type" extention
as seen on the John Deere combine/header.

Thats my guess, anyway....

Cummins: Where are you from in Aussie?? I've worked on a
farm between Moree, NSW and Gundiwindi, QLD a few years ago
- best experience of my life!!!
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
heya gording and all, im in western australia. i have seen a
*funnel type* grain tank modified to take a roll tarp with
some hollow tubing going from the top of the two left and
right pannels to a and raised above the machaine tank then a
tarp is attached to the outer panels of the grain tank over
the hollow pipes ( i will try and get a photo of this setup
if i can) this stops the rain :-D and the grain from falling
out also you can fill it to the top ;-) also i noticed that
the combine had a metal rotary air screen, all our customers
combines have been upgraded to to a plastic screen :-\ also
whats the deal with the ECU i had no idea the exclusives
came out with electrics (cummins C series engine model
6TAA-830) i do know some things about the extreeme if you
have any questions
cheers cummins
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
the plastic rotary air screen, they crack up alot and wear
out more why case made the change i have no idea
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
Cummins: roll tarp is ok, but can you fold it on and off
from inside the cab?? ;-)
Re: CaseIH 2388 exclusive
no you cant but i think this one is there all the time, i
dont know much about the eurpoen combines, i did not know
that you could open and close the tank from the cab
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