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JOSHJA 220631 308 John Deere 7720 with 746 loader. either
John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
We recently we had this tractor out on demo from
the local dealership along with the 7520.

This is a 7720 with MFWD and 20-speed PowrQuad (PQ)
transmission and 746 loader. Triple rear remotes, and I forget the tire sizes but they are very nice, don't even need suspension. Unfortunately they're Firestones.

Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.

So you still teasing yourself :-D or are you gonna buy one?

Take care,

Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Will, if the price is right we can do anything, right? :-P
But yes, we are crazy for that tractor.

Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Another Pic
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
From the front.
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.

Nice tires!! Well then, just tell him if he don't take your
offer another JD dealer will!! And find one, he will change
his mind if you wants your business!!!

Keep us posted, and good luck!!

Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Those tires look like 620/70R42 and 600/65R28, too bad they
are firestones...
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Will, to be all truthful there price on the Deere's are not
all that bad, it's the price they are giving us on our
There have been many things replaced on it but that is
because New Holland or the dealer screwed up. We drove it
for over a year and for over a year we were complaining about
the poor shifting. Turns out we had a North American tractor with a European transmission. Our tractor should only have been able to do 26kph but instead it could do 50kpm. It was a right little race horse. :-D Anyways, the tractor would go in for one problem and when it came back it had 5 more problems(no joke). After one of the last times the tractor went in, my dad went to pick it up with
the semi. He went inside to get them to bring it around while he talked to the manager. He asked how it was going and we told him about all the problems. Some salesman pops up and says, "How about a new one?" We were about ready to punch him out. We told them that the next thing in our yard would be green. He loaded it up onto the deck, went to chain it down and guess what? It had a major oil leak. Went back inside and had a sit-down with the manager. Again. It is decided that they will speak with New Holland and try and get us into a TS-135A with a loader and deluxe
cab and all the options. They will pay us something like $10-12 and hour because of all the time it was in the shop and all the money we had poured into fixing their mistakes. $30-36 grand off a tractor is definitely something to sit down and talk about. So they bring out the TSA when they take our TV145 in for repair work. We hook it up to the bale processor and it doesn't work. Every time you move with the PTO engaged it electronically stalls the tractor(we only let the RPM go down to 400 before we stopped it. There were various other problems as well. The pin for holding the hydraulic cylinder for the bucket was coming out and if I hadn't noticed it we would have ripped the cylinder right off the loader. You would have thought they would have checked everything before bringing it out. Especially since its here as a sales pitch! :-/ So back the TSA goes to get fixed. Never comes back out. They then try to sell
us a TSA without all the cab and axle suspension($8,000) but now they wont do anything for us. They just came out a couple days ago and want to bring us out another tractor. We basically told them to get it together because we want a Deere. :-[

Pictured is the TS135A and the TM125.
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
This is a 3/4 shot. here you can see the mechanical
self-leveling bar is located underneath to improve
visisblity you can also see the one(1) piece windshield
(front window)
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Hey Josh,

WOW!! What an adventure you have had with NH!! I sure hope
its a complete turn around for you when you get a JD,
because no one needs any crap or downtime like that!! Hassle
after hassle. Keep us posted. And more pics please when you
finally get your new JD!!

Take care,

Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Nice Pictures. :-)

Your mom has good taste... ;-)

The tractor is great, the loader is great...a great package!

Maybe a bit expensive to move bales?
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Greenguy, Yes it is very expensive, that is why it isn't in
our yard for good yet. :-P

We are thinking that since the trade in price on the TM125 is so low we'll wait for a year or so, maybe even until the new '30 series are out. Back this summer we decided against a new tractor, and instead bought a new F-350 1-ton pick up, and now that we're having more problems with the TM125, we are wishing we we'd gone for the tractor instead.

In this picture you can see the view from the cab
and how little the loader affects visibility. You can see
the self-leveling beam is hidden, and the 7020LFs share the same cab as the 8020s, which is nice not having any instruments, etc in the dash. Very nice cab.

Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Another picture of the cab, here you can see the new 20 series PowerQuad has single lever with buttons, same as the AutoQuad on the 10 series. This tractor had the optional E-range.

You can also see the small instrument display on the side which can show an amazing number of things that you can select simply by turning the knob. ie. It can show the clock, the RPM, the
PTO speed, the distance travelled since the factory(approx.
7,000 feet when it arrived at our place), feet travelled
since starting the engine, since a set time, number of
engine hours, temperature, PSI flow on the rear SCVs, and
more I'm probably forgetting. You can also see the electronic joystick. It seems unnecessary,(we didn't want it on the TM125) but once you try it you want nothing else. It has a flap so that you
HAVE to grasp the joystick or the loader is locked.
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Here you can see a bit of the instrument display, it is
mounted on the right front cornerpost. On this tractor they
also came out with a 2-step system for adjusting the
steering wheel. You use the small leaver pictured to make
small adjustments customized for the individual, and a foot
pedal for having it either all the way up for getting in and
out, and down to the preset position. Its great, it always
come back to the perfect spot! Also note, on one of the
pictures, it shows the mainframe of the loader(the one that
stays on the tractor) look how it curves in order to
accomodate the loader. Much better visibility is the
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
There is no way that a 7720 with loader would cost $150,000.

BTW, I was using our 8120 for loading and unloading a lot
this year, the loader on the 7210 broke, so I had no choice.

Personally I think the view out of a 7020 tractor isn't as
good as a 8020. The radiator fan is mounted in the middle
and the hood bulges out in the middle canceling the effect
of the shaped hood that you find on the 8000s.

I have heard from a custom operator that the flap on the
joystick on their 7920 is really annoying since he likes to
use the tips of his fingers. We have the same joystick but
without the safety features and we really like it. Only
difference is that ours is connected to the 3rd and 4th
remote since there are no special loader valves for 8000
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
This message has been deleted by the author.
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.

Where can I find those goldtrees?
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Hey,Yeah I agree put me down for a few goldtrees too!!

Take care,

Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Gerard, I sent you an e-mail with the quote
we received from one of the Deere dealers. I could not post
it on here due to the fact that it is in PDF format.

About the joystick, we find that the safety flap was
nice(showed that Deere was thinking) in some ways and not
necessary in other ways. We find that in our TM125 (ALO
joystick) we are constantly knocking it when we are reaching
for things or if we go in and out of the right-hand door.
On the Deere there was no right-hand door and it was out of
the way so we were not bumping it so there was really no
need for it. I noticed maybe twice tops out of the whole
demo that I did not like the flap and that was because when
I went to park it and took it out of gear etc. and put on my
jacket/gloves while it cooled down and then before shutting it
off realized the loader wasn't on the ground, so I just went
to lower it with my finger-tips. Those were the only
situations when I noticed it to be a problem. Also, on the CommandArm it's farther away, with PowerQuad it's closer and you don't tend to use your fingertips.

In response to the 8020 having better visibility, I cannot
really comment on that as I have not been in one. The 8020s
probably have much better visibility but, for a tractor of this size, it's perfectly good enough.
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Hey Josh,

I was lookin around on agdealer, and ironsearch and it seems
that tractor prices out west are higher than here? wonder
why? Maybe it is all the gold trees you grow out there!!
LOL!! :-D

Keep us posted if you do pull the trigger and buy one!!

Take care,

Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
The reason I thought $155,000 is way too much is because we
have been quoted $140,000 for a 8120 or TG210 with axle
duals and just a little more for a MX210. A 7920 was 136,000
also with axle duals. Front end loaders usually cost
somewhere around 10,000. I suspect they think your TM is
worthless and bumped the prices on both to make it look like
an alright trade.

I'm not telling you to get an 8020 tractor, but just
comparing the 2. The 7020s are based on the 7010s but they
wanted to make them look like 8020s and give them a larger
radiator but an 8020 has a lot different layout of
components, which reduces the potential advantages of the
new 7020s look to next to nothing. 8020s don't have enough
reverse gears for daily loaderwork. IVT is THE transmission
to have for loaderwork.
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Gerard, Will, if that's the case then what the heck are we
doing out here in the boonies?

About the trade price, sure they inflated both prices, but
it still looks like $#!^ :-[ used New Holland at Deere dealers
are worthless. Go to another New Holland and you should get
a proper price. Thats why New Holland gets the repeat
bussiness, not because they make a better tractor than
anybody else, but because they are only valued at their own

Oh, and at our NH dealer, they want about $150,000 for their
115PTO hp TSA, sure they inflated it, they are offering
$95,000 for our TM125, but that's supposed to be because New
Holland Canada is supposed to be helping us out. Where
dealers get their logic... they think farmers are idiots.

I agree, for loader work the IVT is unbeatable. Mind
you I just wish they had something so you could always keep
your right hand on the loader joystick.... Like on the 7720
with the PQ, we had a spear on and the only thing I wanted
was to be able to gear up or down using the grapple buttons.
(you do most of the work in B-4 but when you go up to the
truck it would have been nice to shift down to B-1 WHILE
adjusting your loader. It would be a simple wire job.
Since the joystick is capable of having 4 functions, you
could just run a wire to the toggle switch on the console to
bypass the toggle switch. You would still have your buttons
on you range lever so it would be perfect. Or not?
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
yeah, those joysticks exist in europe on their 6020
Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Hey Josh,

Sounds like you are really gettin' it from the NH dealers
out there. Good luck with them. With all the BS they have
put you through, they should buy back your tractors, and let
you walk away!! If it was only that easy eh!!

Well, keep us posted on what happens either way!!

Take care,

Re: John Deere 7720 with 746 loader.
Hey Gerard,

So what was deciding factor for you between the TG210 & the
8120? The problems the TM140 has given you in its short
life or the luck you have had with JD?


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