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GS 229351 1 Jaylor 3873 demo either
Jaylor 3873 demo
Right now we are trying out a Jaylor twin screw TMR mixer.
It is 875 cubic feet. Since it needs around 150 PTO HP we
were trying it out with our 8120.
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
These pictures were taken early in the morning so the light
wasn't that good. The 8120 had no problems running it btw.
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
What's this?
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
And this?

More tomorrow!
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
Hey Gerard,

You teasing us again are you? Did you trade your car in on
that 2500HD in the background of the 7720 pic? You got
snowed on too eh?? Hum Bug!!

Take care,

Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
forgot to ask, wil the TM140 be on its way out the door?

Good luck and keep us posted!!
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
Last night i didn't have much time, had to meet a girl. But
I promised pictures, and I wanted to keep my word.

Overview, taken before breakfast. We were considering trying
the TM140 or 7210, so I made sure to get some pics of the
8120 before trying another tractor.
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
We found out pretty quickly that the 8120 had no problem
with. We were really impressed with the mixer, it is much
faster and make much better mixes. The augers turn faster
and it makes a much fluffier mix without mashing the
ingredients and the cows ate more feed right away! So on
friday morning we decided that we maybe should look at what
kind of tractor could run it while we have the mixer here.
In the afternoon I called the NH salesman and he had a
demonstrator TM190 that we could try. Then I called the JD
dealer and we decided that we should try a 7720 to seee if
it had enough torque with the smaller engine.
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
Here my dad just pulled up the TM140 to compare it to the
TM190. Basically most things are bigger on it compared to
the TM140.

The TM190 has supersteer, cab suspension, headland
management, 118" axle, 20.8R42 michelin tires and a few
other odd things. Well equiped overall.

Did very well, very impressed with it. They fixed the poor
PTO engagement that we experienced with the TM140 and it is
very nice to drive and that cab suspension definately works.
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
Here I filled it with 7.5 tonnes of feed, ready to start
mixing. Still not full though, just a nice pile on the side
that i filled it from. Seems like we can fit almost twice as
much feed in this mixer!
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
Today we tried the 7720. Just drove it up and down the road
yesterday. Did very well too. This particular tractor has
IVT, xenon lights and tiny 18.4R42 tires. I love the engine
on this one, so quiet and smooth. Plenty of power for the
mixer too. The IVT is completely useless for the TMR mixer
though. Doesn't offer any advantage...
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
Here's another pic of it.

That's it for now, if anyone wants to see something in
particular, just ask, have all of these until monday.
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
Hey Gerard,

Thanks for taking the time to post these. Not at home right
now, so sorry I have to keep this short. Do you have
anymore pics pf loading the mixer?

Thanks, and take care.

Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
You didn't want to take the opportunity to test also a
couple of other brand tractors at the same time. I do
believe that there is a T180 sitting at Sunova's.

Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
Here are some feeding pics.

It takes more than a day to really get a feel for how the
tractor works, with the bigger mixer there are fewer loads
to do so less opertunities to try it out. Trying more
tractors this weekend would have been hard.

We should be getting a Supreme to try out sometime soon.
Maybe we'll look into more tractors then. The problem with
the Valtras is the lack of bar axles. If it was just for
feeding then it would be ok, but it would also have to cut
the alfalfa and we want to have 6 feet between the wheels.
Need at least 112" bar axles.

With John Deere and New Holland it just takes one short
phonecall to get the salesmen scrambling to put a tractor on
our farm. It was friday afternoon by the time we decided to
call them. We are really happy that we tried them, learned a
lot about the tractors, now that we know we can plan better
beforehand to maybe try more tractors.
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
Another angle.

BTW, that truck is Rays truck. My car was totalled almost a
year ago when I was rearended on the 401. I was fine. Now
drive a Trailblazer.
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
Inside. 4 tonnes of corn silage, some soymeal, bakery meal,
dry corn distillers, and putting in some high moisture corn.
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
Hey Gerard,

Thanks for the pics. That damn 401 eh, you need eyes in the
back of your head to drive those highways, 400 or 401, and
still it's sometimes is never enough!!

So of the two tractors you tested, which one were you
happiest with, TM190 or 7720?


Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
Gerard, thanks a lot for the pictures but, I like our 7720
demo better than your 7720 demo. :-P Did the John Deere
dealer have a different 7720 on the lot(with different tires
and perhaps a loader?) You say an IVT would be of no asset
to you, but would it not help for while going very slowly
while putting out the feed in the barns? Narrow tires would
be good in the barn but when you get out into fields and
onto the road (you said it would also be used for haying)
the narrow tires will make you SO mad with the tractor.
Besides, cab suspensions costs MUCH more then nicer tires
and, why should you be sitting in the cab all nice and
smooth(you generally gauge how fast you can go on the
roughness) but it turns out you are actually shaking the
hell out of your equipment!!
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
Also, during haying and loader work, wouldn't you be better
off to run the mixer with the 8120 and do loaderwork with a
7020 large frame? Also, our neighbor I keep mentioning, he
feeds 500 cows in an hour and most of that time is spent
driving to the cows! And he is a one-man operation. With
the multiple people feeding on your farm, wouldn't it be
practical to just unhook the mixer tractor(and even put a
loader on) and use it for packing, haying, pulling silage
trailers, plowing, and to serve as the primary loader
tractor(it would be much more practical to use a loader on
than the 8120). You said you probably wouldn't get a 746
loader, and if you don't get a Quicke Dimension (QD) loader
then you can even if you put the "good" Quicke loader on the
7020 and the "beat-up" loader(off the 7210) on the 8120 as
it wouldn't be used nearly as much.
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
The IVT is a funny transmission. Even when it is turned off
it changes speeds on it's own. What happened during feeding
is that when I unload I run the tractor at maybe 1600 rpm,
but when I step on the throttle to speed up a little the
transmission changes the ratio. So when I want to speed up a
little the tractor takes off really fast.
I was experimenting on the road. I drove 4 MPH at 2000 RPM,
when I pulled the throttle back to 1500 rpm the tractor
drove about 2.5 MPH and at 1000 rpm it went 1 MPH.
Also the transmission shifts right after you let go of the
clutch. At full throttle it is enough to spin a tire on the
feed alley. It seems the tractor is ALWAYS trying to stop
you from stalling and when unloading the last little bit a
full throttle it just jerks every time. Very annoying.
What I did try i to just set the throttle and adjust the
speed with the lever, but then it takes a second for the
tractor to adjust to the speed I want and at full throttle
jerks a lot since there isn't much load pulling.

The TM190 works very well, full powershift is nice and we
can drive it like we always have. The cab suspension on it
work very well.

The dealer did not have any 7720s available at all. They
already sold this one and the salesman asked the buyer if we
could use it for a few hours. I guess it used to be a demo,
it already had 160 hours on it.

We don't make any hay or straw ourselves so we don't really
need a loader tractor fulltime since we have the payloader
and NH LS170 skidsteer. All our alfalfa is used for haylage.
The loader on the 8120 is mostly used for packing, a 7020 is
much less effective for packing. We don't feed much hay at
all. Just less than 1 large square bale for the older
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo

I have a question, can your 7210 not handle the mixer? On
paper it doesn't have enough hp (95?) but have your actually
tried it?
Or did you guy's consider a used tractor? it costs less and
you could use the money on something else..

Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
I know someone with that exact mixer behind a McCormick
MTX135 and he broke his PTO for the 3rd time last week. He
doesn't care because it is leased, but we buy our tractors
so we don't want that. You need a strong tractor that can
stand the torque required to get these things moving.

I looked at used, but many used tractors only go 30 km/h, we
want something that can go at least 40km/h for harvesting. I
found one reasonable priced used tractor, but it was a
30km/h tractor too. Good used tractors are not cheap around
here and we want to get many hours out of them. Buying
something with 5,000+ hours for more than half the price of
a new tractor doesn't make sense to me. Buying a new tractor
and keeping it for 10,000+ hours is the cheapest way to do
it. That way we also know the history.
Re: Jaylor 3873 demo
.........and you get that fancy new tractor smell!! :-D
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