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canadaboy 232015 382 Blue Quadtrac either
Blue Quadtrac
Found this on the web. it's not mine, but i had to post it,
people talk about that blue quadtrac all the time. found it
Re: Blue Quadtrac
Canadaboy, first off thanks for the pictures! I have been
trying to search google in every possible way but I can't
find any info on this tractor. Go to and they have this tractor as part
of their banner. I have this picture on my harddrive but it
specifically says:
CopyrightDoNotCopyToFarmphotoYouAreStealing. Do you(or
anybody else) no where it is located? I was thinking and
correct me if I am wrong but it would be relatively easy to
create a "true" TJ Quadtrac aside from the money part(it is
obvious that this tractor is simply a Case STX painted
blue). One would simply need to swap the tracks(all
components) and the fenders and it would be complete. The
tracks are fairly easy to remove in order to select between
width(spacing) and size of the tracks. I have also heard of
someone with a Case STX Quadtrac that removes the tracks
after spring seeding and puts on tires for operating a
pull-type sprayer and for fall tillage as well as putting
dual tires on for packing a silage pile. He simply takes
the fenders off for when he has tires(they wouldn't fit
otherwise and tire fenders would look trashy with tracks).
I image you would have to ensure the STX did not have
accusteer(available on STX500?) Thanks for the picture and
please reply.

Josh from Alberta, Canada
Re: Blue Quadtrac
By the way, that link does not work because it skipped the
"p" in ".jpg" For those of you who were able to figure that
out all by yourself(myself included) good for you, for those
who hadn't here is the correct link.

Cheers/Greets/whatever it is you say in your corner of the
Re: Blue Quadtrac

I guess the link still isn't working so when you click on
it, and you get the error message, go up to the url bar and
make sure the last letters are ...../bluequad.jpg

:-\ Don't know why it isn't working...
Re: Blue Quadtrac
"Don't know why it isn't working..."

It's because of my crappy line wrap programming... It's on
the list to fix... *sigh* :-\
Re: Blue Quadtrac
Stu, has anyone ever told you that you can be very annoying
at times? "...because of my CRAPPY line wrap..." lol, I do
not believe there is anyone here that dislikes your
programming and even less think that you need to sharpen
your pencil and do a better job of this website. This is my
favorite site aross the entire WWW(with Google being a
close-second :-D) and yes there are a few things I would
like added/changed(only in John Deere can you select the
model series of tractor, and the search has to be a minimum
of 3 charators-only a problem when looking for New
Holland(TJ,BR,TV,TM,etc) because the models are only 2
charactors long and most people only put "TG, TJ, TV, XM
(vaultra) etc" because they do not know the exact model or
they are charactorizing the whole series). Again, these are
MINOR things that make little difference to me. With over
125,000 images uploaded and how many hundreds(thousands??)
members, and the occasional error in 1/500 posts, I think
you are doing a spectacular job - and obviously so do a lot
of people! :-)

Another thing that is sorta annoying(not really just....) I
have hardly ever seen you post a post of your own other than
to apologize(your last picture was back in 2004). You must
have an interest in this stuff if you started this site and
you are not even getting anything for it! Every other
equipment site I go to has something to do with Farmphoto.
Either they are scared of your competition
(bigtractorpower,TTS) or because they want to advertise your
site(people on Todays Tractors/Yesterdays Tractors).

We all think you are doing a fantastic job and we thank-you.
Josh, from Alberta Canada.

P.S. One thing that I'm not sure has been mentioned before,
I as a member and frequent visitor would not mind one bit
if you would put up advertisements Farmphoto that you got
paid for. It doesn't matter to me if its equipment
related(iron-search) or even things such as lava-life! If
you could make some extra pocket change, to me it would be
all worth having them. Even if all you did was put them up
on the front(main page and nothing else).
Re: Blue Quadtrac
Greetings guys. My name is Lance, and I took that picture.
Here is a larger, higher resolution picture of it:

The picture was taken on September 29th, 2004. The location
was just East of Moorhead, MN. We were on a 2 lane road
headed south towards the main farm (custom harvesting run).
We had just crossed over Highway 10, which goes straight
East out of Moorhead. Highway 10 is a 4 lane divided highway
with a ton of traffic and a very narrow median. It took us
probably an hour to get all our trucks across the road, as
we had to wait for gaps in traffic.

Anyways, the MN DOT likes to hang out in this area, and just
happened to ticket all of us, after we crossed over highway
10. You'll note on the map that there are railroad tracks
just south of 10. We sat between 10 and the railroad bridge
for about 2 hours. The DOT didn't think we could fit our
combines under the bridge, plus a ton of other silly things
they didn't like. End result, we all got massive tickets and
they made use turn around and go back across 10 and into
Moorhead for the night. We were trying to get on I-94, just
south of there a few miles.

The reason for that story - I was sitting in my truck while
the DOT had my drivers license and was writing up my
tickets. It was during this time that I took this picture,
out the passenger window. This tractor came into the little
field while we were sitting there and we watched him till
pretty much the whole field. I think the green crop is
wheat, but I don't know why he was tilling it up.

The tractor itself is a Case IH according to all the
stickers on it. The story I heard was that the farmer went
to his dealer and told them he wanted to buy a quadtrac, but
would only buy it if it was blue. This isn't too odd of a
request since all the STXs are built on the same line as the
rest of the red and blue tractors. They just put blue parts
on this one. No big deal.

Re: Blue Quadtrac
Hey Josh
From what I read about this "legendary" (hehe) blue
Quadtrac, it would be located somewhere in North Dakota...
I'm not sure about that STX Quadtrac you're talking about.
The axle design of the Quad is totally different from the
wheeled version (flange axles on the Quads, bar axles on the
wheeled version). However, i know of aftermarket tracks
that can easily be installed and removed. There's Stocks Ag
in UK (but i doubt they have any of their kits operating in
North America) and Fargo Tracks from Dakota. I found this
picture on internet,a farm show in North Dakota i think.
The picture is not mine, but if you wanna see more, go on
that website:
Josh, where exactly do you farm in Alberta? How large is
your farm?
Re: Blue Quadtrac
i should have read the previous post hehe.
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