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fbaxter 239143 134 The pit team either
The pit team
this is the equipment we use to fill the pit .There is 2
manitou telehandlers and a volvo loading shovel
Re: The pit team
You're missing a bucket there...

We used to pack with a MLT845 but never really liked it. We
now use a JD 544H shovel and JD 8120 tractor, works much
better than a manitou.
Re: The pit team
I use a 12ft buckrake on the front of my 7820 now, duals all
round much better than forklifts
Re: The pit team
Hey, nice pic, I was wondering about the bucket but Gerard
beet me to it... I would love to see pictures of the 7820!!
Re: The pit team
The buckets off to get into the back corners. Didnt get any
of the 78 with its duals on just ploughing
Re: The pit team
Our volvo shovel at work
Re: The pit team
What i used to look at 18 hours a day when filling the pits
Re: The pit team
Hehe, I must say I would enjoy spending that amount of time
unloading trucks and putting it in a tube than doing the
packing... :-D

Thanks for the pics!
Re: The pit team
Its better now with the tractor and buckrake. That photo
was from another farm we run, our pits are all outdoor so
not to bad you dont get any spare time with two spfhs
Re: The pit team
Josh how many bales do you wrap a year?
Re: The pit team
flying dutchman how many acres do you pack each year, we do
about 1400 acres over three cuts
Re: The pit team
Fbaxter, We just started doing silage a couple years ago
and we still haven't perfected it yet; we change every

We started doing silage because one of our neighbors(the one
with over 5400acres) didn't have enough time to combine all
his fields. He got the fields swathed but between the
rain/frost/snow the Canola didn't try enough for the
combine. They gave us the run-a-round about us taking it
because they still thought they could combine it. Finally
after almost 3-weeks(never drying the whole time) he finally
told us to take it. By this time we had decided against it
but after some pushing be we ended up taking it. The deal
was we'd take 3 fields. Just our luck(kidding) we ended up
with 6 bales an acre. Since we didn't have a baler or
wrapper we got another neighbor to bale it for us(John Deere
7410/740 & JD 587) and hired a custom guy to run the
wrapper(and supply the machine). We did the
loading/unloading and hauling with our own equipment. Since
we ended up with so many bales we gave 400(bales) to the
neighbor in return for his baling. That left us with 1,700
bales.. :-P
Needless to say, after all the time sitting in swathes the
silage didn't turn out so well(but the cows loved it). We
used the silage as feed(as well as hay) for the first winter

Second year. 370 bales of Alfalfa silage from a different
neighbor. Got a neighbor(with the 7410/740) to do the
baling and got the same guy to run the wrapper. I don't
know much else about it because I was away. Oh, one of the
neighbor's wife locked herself in our TM125(couldn'd find
the door handle) :-D

Third year we got a different neighbor(the one with the
7820/746) to handle it all. It wasn't supposed to be baled
and wrapped and sitting in our yard... Unfortunately it was
a very wet year and he ended up plowing with his baler and
moving all our bales(400; 200 alfalfa 200 cerial) one at a
time with a tracked skidsteer. He ended up bagging them in
the field forcing us to haul a load(30 bales) home twice a
month(I was fine with this as I(13 at the time) had to drive
the TM125 down the road(a long ways) and load/unload all the

We purchased the bagger from the guy with the 7820 since he
switched over to doing pit silage. He hires a contractor
that does the entire thing(except for cutting, he does it
himself) with a couple SPFHs, trucks, and packing equipment.
He now has enough feed for three years(just from this
summer) for over 500 head.

Fourth year(this summer). This year I was involved in the
silage for the first time. We bought it from the neighbor
with the 7410 and he cut/baled it. My mom stacked and
loaded with the TV145, my dad drove one of the trucks, and I
did all the unloading/bagging. We also did all the
loading/unloading/hauling/bagging for the neighbor in return
for him baling for us. This year we did 650-700 bales for
ourselves and 400 bales for the neighbor.

So to recap, in order of years, we've done. ours(total)
1 = 1,700(2,100)
2 = 370(570)
3 = 400
4 = 650-700(1,050-1,100)

Wow... Lots to read... :-[:-[ I guess all you wanted to hear
was "650-700" but oh-well... I'm not going to erase it...

Thanks for your time,
Re: The pit team
For those of you who've read about our New Holland
problems... GUESS WHAT?? MORE problems... Let me set the
scene for you.. I decided to put the TM125 in the shop(so
all three tractors are put away) but I wanted to take the
bucket attachments off so it would take up less room in the
shop. So... I went and put the fork away before going and
putting the bucket/grapple away too(it was SORTA in the way
and it gave me an excuse to connect the grapple(as I
mentioned before you couldn't release the pressure of the
third function). So I went and connected the bucket. I put
the joystick in the float position and the hoses connected
easily. Now I was actually happy with the tractor(plus I
felt stupid about my previous difficulties). I guess I
jinxed it because when I went to take it off, I pulled the
lever to unhook it and the loader lowered to the deck(I put
the attachments on a trailer to keep them off the dirt). I
wasn't sure why it dropped but I figured it must be because
the joystick was in "float". So I go to unhook the grapple
but the hoses wouldn't disconnect. After some jerking
around with it I get back in the tractor (I'm going to take
it up to the shop to get some tools and relieve the pressure
by unscrewing the coupler) but the loader will not go up, or
down. The tool carrier will move no problem but the boom
won't move. So I go get the tools and my dad to help. So
we unscrew the coupler to relieve the pressure and
disconnect the grapple. Still can't get the boom to move.
I back up and the loader lowers to the ground(like it does
if you lower the loader with the engine off; not like its
broken). We play with it for a while and find that if we
curl the tool carrier(and hold it after its fully curled)
the loader will lift 2 feet off the ground. Dump the tool
carrier and the loader lowers. So we "raise" the boom and
put it away in the shop. We'll have to add it to the list
for the dealer to fix. :-\

Any idea what it could be?

Re: The pit team
maybe the fact that it is a NH? :-[
Re: The pit team
hehe, I thought of that already. :-) Anything else?
Re: The pit team
Josh one of our manitous did something similair it was a
problem inside the valve block cant remember exactly just
that it cost alot to fix
Re: The pit team
josh I meant to ask in my last post how many cows do you
have, do you have any cereal crops
Re: The pit team
We are thinking it might be air in the line?? :-\
Re: The pit team
Josh, i know a lot more about our cows;-) but you are'nt at
msn:-(;-) hope to talk to you soon:-)

take care, Rony
Re: The pit team
We're just small time wannabe farmers.. :-[ This year we
should have 125 calves, a 25% increase over last year. All
our land is dedicated pasture, we don't make hay/silage for
cerial crops. We are thinking though, that if we pasture
our cows elsewhere this summer(as mentioned a while back) we
will plow down and reseed all our land. If we do this we
might make a cutting of hay off it before the "cows come

My mom and I have used a discbine a few years back but it
wasn't a great experience for her. Since the 7710 was
busy(or broken I can't remember) and the PTO is a B***H to
change on the TM125(three bolts THAT DON'T LINE UP) we had
to use the TV145. And since the neighbor(the one we were
borrowing the discine from) insisted we put it on the cab
end, my mom had to learn how to drive it facing the engine
end. And no, we didn't remove the loader.
Re: The pit team
Hey Rony,

You all packed and ready to move? I bet you can't wait eh?
Nice website, and beautiful farm you are moving too!!

Take care,

Re: The pit team
Sorry about that, I saw you sign in a couple times but I
couldn't talk...
Re: The pit team
hi will

thanks for your comment.
yeah i really can't wait for the moment we go!
January 18th.;-)
the container comes January 9. but friday everything must be
packed cause then we have our party;-) so the whole house
must be empty hehe:-D

so 14 days to go now at dutch time, canadian time 15 days:-P

so i really looking forward to the big step...

see ya, Rony
Re: The pit team
I was skiing the last couple days, so haven't been able to
check on here.

We will have about 1000 acres of alfalfa over 4 cuts,
210-220 acres of corn silage and 175 acres of high moisture
grain corn which we put in a bumksilo too. That's all on our
farm, we don't do any custom work.
Re: The pit team
All the 1400 acres is our own we do 150 acre of corn silage
aswell, used to do the high moisture cereal but kept
breaking the combine.
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