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2 d 26124 382 big bold blue!! either
big bold blue!!
Re: big bold blue!!
trekt op gin kloten
Re: big bold blue!!
lelijk van buiten mor sterk onder de motor kap
Re: big bold blue!!
De lelijkste trekker ooit !!!!
Volgens mij gaan ze bij CNH veel klanten verliezen met hun
platformstrategie (vooral Case IH klanten)....
Re: big bold blue!!
wat a ugly tractor
Re: big bold blue!!
Wat een vies smerig ontwerp is dat zeg!!! BAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Eb
jurgen zo hard zal dit wel niet trekken want van die 285ok
of hoeveel het ook mag zijn blijft er 220 werkelijk over met
die kut motoren van ze. In de boerdeij stond laatst een test
met een 6tal trekkers (New-Holland TM130, John-Deere 6820,
Valtra, Case MX135, Deutz-Fahr, en een MF) ja alle types
weet ik niet meer. Maar bij die N-H bleef van het
motorvermogen van de 130pk bleef er maar net 100 over. En
wie was ver uit de beste? Natuurlijk de 6820 van J-D. :-P
Re: big bold blue!!
i think that they will winn a lott of customers.
becaurse this is a totally new design.
if you buy this tractor you buy a good tractor,
becaurse the case ih mxm is proffed being a good tractor,
and you buy a whole new identity.
Now one, not one brand has such a totally New design.
look at the CX of new holland. it became a bigh succes.
it a beginning of a new century whith refressing of the
technic and modern styling.

each brand has good and bad points and there are always lads
wich say: New Holland is cheep bad and ugly.
but sencyble people will say: each brand has good and bad
points but i love my tractor and respect the brand of my

New Holland geep up the good work :-D
And all the other brand to :-D

Re: big bold blue!!
Than is ugly to. because J-D has a new design too and that
design is a lot of more nicer to see. And the quality is
much better thatn that New-Holland. the 285hp is in real
200. N-H haves terrobile engines.
Re: big bold blue!!
Johan my good man,

How can you call the TG ugly,and say that the Deere 8020s
and 9020s look good? The new Deeres are down right
ugly.......ugly to the bone!!! The TG is one sharp looking
tractor,and it looks much better in person!!

As for engines,the new TG is basically a MX Magnum in
disguise so it has the Magnum's engine not a NH one.
Re: big bold blue!!
Sorry Woodbeeff but i found it really awful! And than he has
a better engine now. Because the N-H engines are real
trouble engines. By use in Holland is N-H a very bad
tractor. In a test was a N-H TM 130 tested and it has a
130hp engine nut in real the engine has 100hp!! And in the
same test the J-D 6820 was the best. Here Woodbeeff here is
a real workhorse!!!! a J-D 6910. with 140hp
Re: big bold blue!!
aan johan:

vergeet niet dat alles onder de kap hetzelfde is als bij de
case ih mx magnum, dus ook nog dezelfde cummins motor, top
van 315 pk, trekt geweldig goed op 1600/1700 toeren. Maar
dat ze van zo'n mooie magnum toch zo'n lelijk ding weten te
maken... echt verschrikkelijk.... ik heb hem op de rai ook
bekeken, allemaal dezelfde techniek als op de case, alleen
de dropbox is verwijdert... vandaar de kortere motorkap.
Re: big bold blue!!
Ford and New Holland always had bad engines. Here in Holland
we have a magazine called Agritrader where second-hand
tractors are advertized in. 75% of the Ford 6-cilinder
tractors that are for sale in that magazine have a new or a
restored engine. And that after 7 or 8000 houres. I also
think Case IH will lose customers to JD. Case drivers don't
like the weak gearbox and the small cabine of a NH put in
the MXM.
Re: big bold blue!!
you guys are fu**ed up. why don't you get in a small room
and give it up each others asses because New Holland is the
best. FUCKERS!!!:-P
Re: big bold blue!!
Hey that f*cking loser who says the JD are ugly f*ck you man
Have you ever saw one ore drove one, they are THE BEST
SELLING TRACTORS IN THE WORLD. I saw a tg once on transport,
Well it's the uglyes ractor ive ever saw. And new holland is
mayby also a verry good selling tractor but its not because
they are good but because they are cheap, And they really
don't have a charp looking. The JD is the beautifullest
tractor ive ever saw and they are the best too. SO F*CK ALL

Re: big bold blue!!
John deere much better than new holland

1john deere:-)
Re: big bold blue!!
Your right Ben
GREETZ T'johndeere freakske ;-)
Re: big bold blue!!
i think the new NH is fuckin ugly and the new JD is fuckin
lovely but im a case man but i do agree JD r much beter that
NH in al ways
Re: big bold blue!!
He jongens kijk er zijn er toch meer met de zelfde mening
als ik. Wat een lelijk smerig ding is dit zeg. De vorige
8070 series waren voor mij echt vele maale mooier als dit
stront hoopje. And now in english, i dont now Adrian were
you come from but. How can you say that N-H is good? Here in
my area are there many farmers who have or had a N-H with a
lot of trobble with the engine and electronica. I know one
farmer and he had a Ford 8210 this tractor did he sold by a
dealer and bought a new N-H TM 130. He had so much troubbles
with that tractor. The TM 130 cant not pull his 4row
Kverneland plow so he went to go back to the dealer and
bring the TM back and take his old 8210 back. That tractor
is 105hp and that can pull the kverneland plow and he had
enything troubles with that one. If you were com from the
Netherlands than you shoud must to read the test in the
magazine Boerderij with 6 tractors (J-D 6820S, Case MX130,
New-Holland TM130, Valtra, M-F and the Deutz-Fahr Agrotron
130). The New-Holland was the baddest tractor in the test
and about the engine it nust have 130hp and in real it was
106hp!!!. And the J-D was the winner and seccond was the
Deutz. :-P
Re: big bold blue!!
t'john deere freakske,

You need to chill out man. Just because some guys don't like
John Deere and you do does not give you the right to say
stuff like that to him. Personally, I hate John Deere. I
have seen how they treat some farmers in my area, and that
really ticks me off. Plus they don't make the best
equipment, Case IH and New Holland does. John Deere is so
popular because they have better marketing people than the
other companies. Most guys in my area run Case IH and NH
anyways, and NH tractors are very good machines. I haven't
seen the TG series yet, but the Genesis series was an
awesome tractor, much better than the 8000 series JD's. Well
that's my 2 cents.

Re: big bold blue!!
Sorry Lance but how it can that the engines from H-H are so
really bad here in holand and in belgium and other
country's? Have you read my comment here in this collum
about the test in that magazine. The N-H tractors are really
bad. It haves a lot off trobble with the engine and the
electronica. And i think a J-D is much better than N-H. My
neighbour is farmer as you know maybe. And he have 3 J-D
tractors with out troubbles. A nother farmer in my village
had an N-H to and the tractor was an 1/2year old and the
electronica was terrible so he sold the tractor.
Re: big bold blue!!
Yo deere freakoid,

The only thing Deere is #1 in is marketing,they do have the
absolute best spin-doctors!! On a world wide ranking of
brand names of tractors over 40kw-MF is #1,NH is #2,Deere is
a distant #3, CIH is #4, Valtra is #5.
Re: big bold blue!!
hey johan dude you sound perrty gay, stay away from me. but
any ways my dad has two tm 135's, and a genesis and we had
no electrical crap problems. we used to like j-d but then
they were to expensive, shifting sucked, you need the world
to turn the thing, uncomfortable ride, john deere torqe
sucks.... and the list keeps on going. and the genesis is
going to go for another 10000hrs alread has 4000hrs and the
tm's will pull our 7 furrow plow trough frozen ground. have
any thing to say?
Re: big bold blue!!
I must say, the percentage of torque raise is a JOKE !!!

That test report you guys refer to, said that the powerquad
plus tranny, in automatic "power mode" waited too long to
shift up, because above 2000 rpm, they dont pull anymore.

Deere creates some nice numbers, by electronically setting
back the power and torque at max. rev. This means, that when
they measure the power at nominal rpm, the torque is lower
at that point.

They dont pull that good at lower rpm, as the numbers show,
but they dont pull above 2000 rpm. That's the joke about
torque raise.
Re: big bold blue!!
He adrian are you drunk? what are you saying about gay? And
what for ground is that were you plowing? that must be sand.
In our area is it not sand!! And about that TM130 thats
really truth the farmer next to me had teh TM 130 and that
tractor cant pull his 4row Kverneland plow and his older
8210 with 105hp did it wel. So the N-H lost a lot of power
in the engines. An big farmer our how you say "loonwerker"
in english had Ford and N-H but he don't like the new N-H
tractors the have top much problems with that so he is
getting to step over on J-D. All the "loonwerkers" in my
area have J-D tractors and the have never prblems with them.
Re: big bold blue!!
He Adrian. you say that you pull a 7row plow in your village
with your TM. Here is a nother one and it has a 7 row too
and this tractor has 103hp. Allis-Chalmers Rulezzzz!!!!!!!!
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