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kenworth 266172 385 TG 285 either
TG 285
Re: TG 285
A 255,looks kind a strange
so, is this a blue Magnum or what?
what engine,Iveco or cummins??
Re: TG 285
it has a cummins engine, and the TG has the gearbox against
the engine, the case hasn't got it the gearbox straight
against the engine
there aren't other differences
Re: TG 285
Good thing that you know that.
I have no idea about those!
As long the partsman knows that. :-\
Re: TG 285
That TG285 is for sale at Great Lakes New Holland in
Mitchell, Ontario. Did you just take the picture from their
used tractor listing?

This pic is also from their website, it's our old TM140!
Re: TG 285
And here is a much better looking TG285 from the same
dealer. I took this pic about 2 years ago.
Re: TG 285
Sure looks awesome.
so the one frome above you had is actually still a "true"
Re: TG 285
the TM140 has a ford engine and fiat axles. The transmission
is a mostly ford, the cab is ford. There is no Case in that.
Re: TG 285
bretty good tractor?
but those had the Diesel-tanks connectet thru the
Re: TG 285
Yeah, I do believe they have that fuel line through the
It is a nice tractor, but that particular one had too many
stupid little problems so we traded it for a TM190 when the
warranty expired.
Re: TG 285
and this 1 is a what w. what make of engine?
Bretty good tractor,i`v heard.
Re: TG 285
same 7.5L Ford engine but with electronic management, much
heavier axles, full powershift. Very nice tractor. Rated at
190hp but makes 215+ with powerboost
Re: TG 285
All rigth,at least i know now a littel about the blue ones!
Re: TG 285
Hey Gerard,

Electronic fuel management? Like a " drive by wire setup "?
Does it use a high pressure commonrail system?

How has the TM190 been so far? I hope you are happy you
traded for it. And will the TM190 be running the discbine
this year?

Thanks & Take care,

Re: TG 285
Hey will,

Yes it's exactly like "drive by wire". Both the footthrottle
and handthrottle are just electronic. It also has a cruise
control feature which you activate by pressing a button on
the side pillar and then you can change the engine speed up
and down 10 rpm at a time by using a rockerswitch on the
dash. It also has a powerboost which is activated when there
is a high load on the PTO or when you are driving in the top
gear. It gains upto 35HP to produce 195 PTO HP!
Unfortunately it's not a common rail engine.

Right now it has around 450 hours on it already and we're
very happy with it, it is a real nice tractor to work with.
The cab suspension is something that has pleasantly
surprised me, didn't think it would make that big of a
difference but it really does!

We are planning to use the JD 8120 on the discbine instead
of the TM190. The reason is that we wanted to improve the
quality of the haylage and will be making 7ft swaths. To do
that the wheels will need to be at 108" centers which
requires front axle extentions and we could leave those on
the 8120 but it would make the TM190 too wide for feeding. I
have ordered new michelin tires for the JD 7210 and it will
be running the draghose. We decided to do this so we can
pump with the 8120, have the 7210 in the field and still
feed at the same time with the TM190 and 544H.
So the TM190 will spend a lot of it's time on the TMR mixer,
but today it got a break. Instead of feeding it spent a
couple hours on the manure mixer! Turns out the PTO shaft
was too long for the 8120 which needs an PTO adapter for
1-3/4" to 1-3/8". I will have to shorten it a few inches.
Re: TG 285
Not saying you're wrong, but how do you know it's your old
TM140? Did you talk to someone I mean or... it's just that
those tires look bigger than I remember. And, why would
they leave the rear window open? :-\

Thanks, ttyl
Re: TG 285
Hey Gerard,

Thanks for the reply. Glad you are happy with the TM190 and
also glad to see that the TM140 issues have been taken care
of on this tractor.

Cab suspension is a beautiful thing. You really don't
notice untill you drive something with out it!!

Would the 7210 be able to even run the mixer if you start it
before you begin filling it with feed? Would be an expensive
fix if something broke on the 7210, thats for sure!! Sounds
like you have made a logical choice, keeping the PTO HP
where it is needed the most, especially on the mixer.

I look forward to seeing the pictures. ( See if your bro or
sis would grab some of the 7210 on the hose for us, please?
) You always have some nice pics, and a nice farm set up

Did you get the new dairy barn all finished?

Thanks for taking the time to reply!!

Take care,

Re: TG 285
hey Will,

Yes the 7210 should be able to keep the mixer running if we
turn it on very early and don't turn it off until it is half
empty. I plan to never try that. My brother worked at a
dairy farm near st. marys with the same model TMR mixer
behind a leased MTX135 and they have broken the internals of
the PTO 3 times and there were metal shavings in the oil. So
when we bought the mixer we had already decided to buy a
heavier frame tractor. It's a good combo.

Of course there will be pics! :-D

The barn is almost done, roofs on, ceilin in, curtains are
in. Posts for the stalls are in, we have started with the
pasture mats, electrical is almost done. The feedalley stil
needs to be poured and that has to cure for a week before we
can drive on it. Hopefully we can have cows in it in 14
Re: TG 285
Hey Gerard,

I figured there would be a mechanical disaster running the
mixer with the 7210!! Not worth the expirement, thats for
sure!! I pitty the poor guy that will eventually buy that
MTX 135 when the lease is up!! The damage the metal chunks
will do to all the internals will be costly sooner or
later!! Sounds like you are in pretty good shape with the
new barn. I take it things are a little cramped in the
other barns at the moment?


Re: TG 285
Just the main barn is a problem. We have about 10 cows in
there that can calve within 14 days and the rest is
milkcows. We have been adding groups of 12 to both groups
but now at 300 cows we are absolutely full, there is no more
room, we are already overcrowding by 15%. We have to wait
for 3 rows of cows to finish milking before we can close the
gate to the holding area! Right now we have to dry off cows
early when we go over the 300 cow mark. give them an
additional 2 weeks or so, so that they will calve when there
is room again. The heifer barns are full but not
overcrowded. Can't wait to use the new barn, will solve a
lot of problems and provide new oppertunity to grow.
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