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Case Crazy 30790 381 Case is Best, Deere is shit either
Case is Best, Deere is shit
Deere is shit, Fendt is shit, Case is best. Read on.

I just want to tell all you non-Case IH fans out there that
Case IH is the best agricultural company ever, and if you
think not then you are all assholes. I am sick of hearing
all this bullshit from Deere fans that Deere is best. Are
you out of your f**king mind! John Deere are not innovators,
thay never were and never will be. All they do is copy the
competition and charge a crazy price for it. If you look
back through the history of Case IH's heritage you will find
the evolution of todays combine harvester in the shape if
the Mc Cormick reaper at the start of the centurary. Also
around 1940s, 1950, international harvester introduced the
very first ever self propelled cotton picker which was based
on a farmall tractor of that time. JD has since been trying
to copy IH and subsequently Case IH cotton pickers, but has
never equaled them.
When IH realised in the 1960s that JD and others had copied
and established their own versions of combines, they once
again used innovative ideas to come up with the axial-flow
which was released in 1977. For years JD told their
customers that this typy of threashing system was inferior
to theirs, yet in recent years they have once again copied
the idea themselves.
IH also was the first company to see a future for CVT
transmissions with the introduction of their selected
'hydro' models of the 1960s and 1770s. It was only because
these models were ahead of their time, and as a result
customers were sceptical of the idea, that the idea never
really took off.
The 2+2 30 and 60 series design was also ahead of its time
with the forward positioning of its engine, another feature
that JD copied with their 8000 series.
So what about tracked tractors? Well JD copied Caterpillars
design which led to numerous court cases (as everyone
probably knows), wheras Case IH came up with the
revolutionary idea of Quadtrac, for their Steiger range of
4WDs. While on the Steigers its worth pointing out that Case
IH also came up with the innovative steerable front axle,
and more recently the twin articulation point on the STXs.
Its also worth noting that JD copied the Case IH Magnum with
their front duals, remote mirrors, heated seat, climate
control, HID lights and many more on their 8010 series.
In Europe when Case bought a sprayer company JD followed by
buying a sprayer company a few months later.

There are so many more points I could make but I think that
even the thickest of JD fans will get the message by now. As
to what tractors I hate the most - Fendt. They have always
been the ugliest tractors on the market. The cab is way out
of date and they are over priced. I know I will be getting a
lot of replies to this message but all I can say to all you
Deere and Fendt is F**k off unless you have something decent
to say.
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
Hey Case men!! What do you think about this?!!!!!!!!! One of
the most greatest tractors ever build. Allis-Chalmers was
the first company with a turbo charged tractor ( D-19 diesel
in 1961) A-C was the even the first that build the round
bale baler. A-C was the first too with a perfect worked
wheel system to bring the weels smal or width from each
other. And last but not least, Allis-Chalmers could be the
first company who build the first tractor above the 200hp
with the 8095 serie
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
Even though you slammed Deere and Fendt, you didn't say
nothing about New Holland. Its almost impossible to beat the
Genesis line in reliability. NEW HOLLAND was the first
company to come out with a rotory combine with the Twin
Rotor's. Many of the original 1975 models are still in the
fields today. Getting back to the Genesis they came out with
the Supersteer axle that I know everybody wanted to copy but
couldn't. The 7.5L engines are super effiecient and
reliable. I saw a Genesis tractor carry a 55hp tractor on
the front and a 140hp at on it backs at farm show. I have
pictures to prove it. It was an awesome site seeing a
tractor lifting more than it weighs. As for Fendt I think
they are way ahead in the technology department than a lot
of American manufacuters. Having German engineering in a
tractor preety much makes it bulit proof. You look at older
Fendts for sale and they will have 10,000 hours plus on
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
the case really looks great, but johan; why do you still
post the same pics, in every conversation,

greetz mathieu
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
Because Mathieu. The arent many pics from an A-C and when i
found a new one i post it here on the site. And the 2e
reasson is that i love this orange power tractors. :-)
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
but it is very irritating, when you post your pics for more
than 2,3,or sometimes 4 times, and i can say that i saw this
picture on this site more than 3 times,
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
case=new holland
case this dead, at least in Europe .
I listen that cnh,no give to Fiat group no benefit these 3
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
Case is Best,

While I agree w/most of your points, There's no need to call
folks who use JD and Fendt tractors assholes. It's not very
appropriate. I agree that I think Case Ih products are
better than JD products, I don't slam people who use Jd
stuff. Guys will use whatever they, nothing you can do about
it. Just another color war that doesn't need to happen.:-)
take care,

Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
Yo Head Case. Have you ever operated Deere equipment? I
didn’t think so. I have run Case, IH, Steiger and Deere
equipment through tens of thousands of field hours. Do I
think Deere is better? Sure I do but people are free to use
what they want to and they make those choices for a variety
of reasons. While I respect your position (although you
think I’m an asshole), I think people should use what they
want to without some goddamn “tractor police” telling them
they are assholes for using anything but Case. If Case is
such a superior manufacturer, why does Steiger build their
tractors? If Case is so great, why did they get bought out
by IH? If Case is so great, why has it been over 30 years
since they built their own combine? If Case is so great, why
are there twice as many Deere 20, 30 and 40 series tractors
still going to the field everyday compared to the 30 and 70
series Case tractors? Just curious.
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
C Benz,

I want to see the pics of the Genesis you are talking about.
The Genesis are bullet-proof tractors, much like the

Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
woouw case is best you are grazy to say daht :-D fendt is
not schit look at dhis favorit 822 very nice :-P
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit

Where have you been hiding? Haven't heard from you in

Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
Goat eater :-)
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
Nothing runs like a Deere, when this Berserk chases it...:-D
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
Case also copies from JD
The MX Magnum has all controls in a "command arm" and no
dashboard behind the steering wheel. This is copied from the
JD 8000-series I suppose.
Deere comes later with new techniques, but that's because
they want to be sure that it's working like it should do.
They won't deliver untill they're sure it's 100% OK
I'm not saying this because I'm a Deere-fan but I think its
cheap the way you talk about other brands!
According to me, there are no bad tractors built anymore.
The one can be a bit better than the other, or may cost more
but it all depends on what you need.
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
wonderful machine !!
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
Hey CASE freak
I'm a JD freak
so I can also can say CASE IS SHIT just because I lover JD
But I don't do that becaus I know Case are also verry good
machines, fendt too but i just prefer JD
evryone has got his own favorit mark off tractors
but that will not say the otherones are bad. (well exept
SAME and NH ) but al the other ones have their strong and
their week points, CASE has also some week points,
JD too but there are tractors where the week points are
one of the important things and then you have a bad tractor

So conqlusion: JD is the best :-P , Case is verry good and
fendt is verry good
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
Hey Lance! I haven’t been hiding, I just haven’t had much to
say until that “loose cannon” starting running his mouth.
You know I couldn’t care less what anybody else runs or
thinks but to attack people in a public forum is just
juvenile. Personally, I don’t think any of the equipment
companies are making machines as good as they were 20 years
ago. I guess we’ll know in about 20 years huh? I’m ready for
some more pictures of the old iron. When you gonna have some
more photos of the old red stuff? I really like those. I’m
still working on getting the 6030 pics. Should be soon.
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
I agree Case is good, but I'm not sure it's the best. The
Fendt tractors are better with their electronic systems and
the vario transmission.
And JD freak, NH isn't that bad at all!! We have no
complaints about our NH's !
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
most farmers I know have a lot of problems with their NH
mayby it depends from country to country
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
Hey John. I agree w/you, this aint no place for personal
attacks. Although I'm still a young fella, I also agree that
older tractors are better than the new ones available today.
These new tractors are built too much by automoblies, too
much style and not enough grunt so to speak, and too much
electronic stuff. As far as the pics, i am doing research on
digital cameras, and I plan on purchasing one by the time
planting season starts, and if not by then, when the harvest
season starts. How's the ol' 4440 and 6030 doing for ya?
Great I am sure.;-) Well, gotta go for now. Take care,

Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
He mannen niet alles in het Engels hé. Dat is niet leuk!!!!
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
I think that we better can say that Case was good but now
its over because the are going together with N-H. The Case
CS series are N-H tractors and the results are coming and
tell that the CS is not so good about the engine, and thats
a N-H engine. The real Case tractors that i love to see
where the older Magnum series (7130, 7240) beautiful
machines are that and very good about quality. But i dont
where you come from Case man? What are you think about A-C?
is that not good too for you??
20 cm sneeuw in België
20 cm sneeuw in België :-)
Re: Case is Best, Deere is shit
Case is good,Fendt is better...
But evry tractor has his mestakes...
The one more than te other ...
The vario from case is good,but the fendt is the pionier in
the vario they have more experience with the vario's ...
I now that the fendt 818 to te case vario had,but there is
one mistake on te vario from fendt ,you can him not at
neutral put,in one move :-(
Otherwise is very nice to drive with it,nicer than the case
vario ...

Sorry for my broken englisch :-[

grz hans
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