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CASE puma 195
Pre-production C
Re: CASE puma 195
nice, do you have more pictures?

is this a european case? or an american?
Re: CASE puma 195
Hi mccase, this tractor is in uk spec and unlike pictures of
210 model earlier in year this one does have rear wheel
track adjustment bar. This one also had new style decals on
it like american version. I was told that case version would
be released before new holland(which is due out in january)
so i think there will be lots of pictures of it on the way
very soon:-P
Re: CASE puma 195
The Puma will definitely not be released earlier than the

Case is working hard on diversity between the red and the
blue brand.

Due to the fact that they are still developping this
tractor, the Puma will be presented at the Sima fair in
Paris, in march, later than the NH.
The production will start a few months later.

It will be a machine with many other technologies,... than
the USversion or the T7000!
Re: CASE puma 195
But if I wanted a Puma (but I don't), could I get an
American now? And where is the US spec produced?
Re: CASE puma 195
Hi mccase, I was told that case wanted puma released first
so that people could not say it was a new holland in drag
again:-\ It seems strange that USA has puma out before
T7000 but you say not first in europe! Is delay due more
to the fact they will be built in Austria;-) perhaps?
Either way i have always prefered the blue tractors in the
past but ive seen a lot of this new Case puma and its really
Re: CASE puma 195
Puma has already been released in North America, for some
time now, and I've seen T7000 series at both farm shows in
North America and Europe, however NH does not have it on any
of it's websites, nor has New Holland taken any "official"
pictures of it. I have access to the same place steals them from. Which is part of the reason
I know that Quicke QD loaders will be sold in CNH colors as
the new LX700 & 800TL, and I've got official pictures. :-)

So which is it, TM-A or T7000???

Re: CASE puma 195
I know, but I'm talking about the European version of the
Puma. The European version will be introduced at the Sima in
march. The American version is already for sale in the
Re: CASE puma 195
And it's delay is due to the fact that the puma will be
different than the T7000 (interior, tranny, ... ;-)), and
they are still testing those new features...
Re: CASE puma 195
T7000 news is on the German NH site, you can see more
pictures of the T7000 at
I thought that this new series would have a CVT tranny, but
not......the TVT series will be T7500 series made in the UK,
and Puma for Europe will be built in Austria. The Pumas for
the US will be built at Basildon.

Re: CASE puma 195
Hei JH vet du om t7000 komer på lib messen i fredericia
hilsen bjørn
Re: CASE puma 195
Hi jh, I think the vario version of puma & t7000 is
scheduled for 2008 from what ive read. Mccase is correct
about pumas paris show launch as its on case website. The
t7000 is out in January 07 in uk apparently, hopefully i can
get some good pics at the Doe show in february:-D as they
are the biggest New Holland dealer in uk. The T7000
definately needs big tyre gear to take emphasis of front
lights! wish NH would take blue paint on bonnet further down
to above front axle though.
Re: CASE puma 195
ford5000: i agree with you on the tires(tyres), and about
how far the blue continues. as well, if you're correct
about the Vario transmission for 2008, that would explain
what my CaseIH dealer says, one of the mechanics, Ian, used
to live in the UK, and worked on the Puma prototypes. He
says they had the CVX/TVT transmission they were playing
with in the Puma, and some of his friends/co-workers are
still working on it. Gonna be a Puma 165 with the new
loader at the local farmshow in November, I'll try and get
some pictures. :-)

Re: CASE puma 195
Hi Josh,(NEW CVX) if what you say about testing a new cvt
transmission in uk (and not Austria)is true then its a very
good bet that the puma 195:-P in photograph is indeed the
first picture of the CVX replacement!
I got some video footage 2 years ago of puma 210 pulling a
big mower, so i would expect they have all but finished on
testing the traditional gearbox by now. The 06 reg. number
and the fact it was lugging a big baler up and down one of
the few steep hills we have locally lends weight to it being
a new CVX on test:-)
Re: CASE puma 195
NEW PUMA195 CVX ?? Same machine as in picture above and its
same size as JD7820 which was corn carting in the same
field. You can keep your "Claas Axion" im having one of
Re: CASE puma 195
Did I miss something? Where did the CVX replacement come
in? All I said, was that they were working on putting a
variable transmission in the Puma series. Just because the
TVT will be designated as T7500, doesn't mean it'll be a new
tractor, it'll probably be just like the T8000 series.

But, that last picture, where you can see the loader
subframes, and the big tires, looks very classy, and beefy.
Best looking one yet. Got any with the actual loader on it?

Re: CASE puma 195
If they will construct the new Puma CVX in England, then you
can keep your bullshit with you. It must be made in Austria,
those people have the skills that the english man don't
Re: CASE puma 195
michael as i understand it the all pumas for the european
market will be built in Austria:-D (probably just as well!)
The one in picture is a prototype most likely built in uk
before Austrian production commences. And as a prototype it
could have any number of little secrets on board such as cvt
transmission;-) Josh as far as im aware the CNH test centre
outside my village in east anglia is the only one of its
kind in England for field evaluation, so if your friends
are working on cvt in UK it will be trialled in fields near
me:-) As for T7500 all pictures ive seen have been
designated T7050! perhaps T7500 will be TVT variant in
Re: CASE puma 195
The Pumas in picture here is most likely to use PS 19/6
tranny as they got bar axle. Saw a picture of a T7030
somewere witout maybe that could be a TVT replacement!!!!

Bjørn - Dont know if the T7000 will be at LIB, might come a
bit to soon for that!

JH Denmark
Re: CASE puma 195
The T7000 will be launced at the LIB show in Denmark
16-18/11 2007. The four models T7030/7040/7050 and T7060
will replace the TM175 and TM190, while the the
TM120/130/140 and 155 remains.
I guess the TSA will be raplaced with a T6000 series soon
with a new topmodel to fill the gap between the (TSA135 and
the T7030).

Re: CASE puma 195
en steyr?
Re: CASE puma 195
Bij Steyr komt er niet zoiets als een Puma.
Re: CASE puma 195
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