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cutterjar 340750 26 New FP Version either
New FP Version
Greetings all!

The long promised farmphoto version 0.02 is almost ready to
go live.

I can almost guarantee you will not like it. It's different
from the old tried and trusted version and currently has
less features and more bugs (if that's possible :-P ).

So why release it? As you know, running FP is a hobby for me
so it tends to get neglected while there are other things
going on in my life. Sometimes it seems like the only time I
get to work on it is when something goes disastrously
wrong. If I wait until the new version is truly ready I
don't think any of us will ever see it. My cunning plan is
to put it out there and then try and respond to all the
complaints as quickly as possible. :-[ The new version will
be pretty basic. I have been working on lot's of new
features but I will not be releasing them all at once as I
think there will be enough complaints to deal with as it

So, be patient with the new version. In the long run I think
it will be worth the temporary inconvenience.

I will also be leaving the current version of FP up and
running for all current members. This should help during the
transition period.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Re: New FP Version
kheb de indruk da Stu ni veel goeds van plan is met FP :-(
Re: New FP Version
Stu, when comes the new version online?

Re: New FP Version

I would keep the concept of this site... else it gets so
annoying when you, for example, use frames

Regards, Steven
Re: New FP Version

Why exactley dou you relese the new version?
And, what exactley are the pro's of it?
Ore is it becouse the old version will soon not acepted by
the server aney more?

I understand you can get all treath's and member information
to the new forum?

I'll hope u will sucseed the 'mission ;-)' without big
troubles, good luck with it!

Re: New FP Version
Interesting to read. Maybe the site will be work better and
faster with uploading. Can you post a few pictures from the
new lay-out of the site how it looks.
Re: New FP Version
Bärenstark: I can't say exactly but it definitely will be
within the next few days (I have a 3 week old baby and my
schedule is a bit silly right now!).

Steven: I think I am keeping the simplicity of the current
site, but I guess I'll leave that judgment up to users. I'll
be relying on everyone to give their opinions and

Martijn: There are many reasons for the change. When FP was
written the first time it was in a computer language that is
no longer current and that I no longer use (ASP & VBScript).
This makes it a pain to maintain and improve. I constantly
get emails saying "can you do this?" but it's hard to
justify spending the time on code that (while it currently
works fine) is so out of date. I have also learned a few
good tricks over the years to reduce the amount of time it
takes to moderate and oversee the site, and I'd like to see
these incorporated. By starting fresh I think I will be able
to provide a better site for everyone.

The plan is definitely to move over all the current threads
and posts to the new version. I would not make any change if
it meant having to lose any of this great material. Part of
the impetus for change is to provide a system that does a
better job of storing and backing up all the posts.

Johan: Speed is very high on my list of improvements.
Initially, you may not see great improvements. But the new
language (C#) gives me many more options to tweek and
improve performance so I am optimistic that things will
improve on this front. We'll really only know when a few
thousand people start to use the new version...

I won't post any screen shots for now because the actual
pages will be up very soon and you can look for yourself.

Everyone: Please note that the worst that can happen is that
we return to the current version. The new version will not
destroy anything that currently exists.
Re: New FP Version
congratulations with your baby, and i'n llocking forward to
the new FP version:-)
Re: New FP Version
The last couple of sentences make clear that all posted
pic's wil still be in the database?
Dumb question, because I know the answer yet :-[

Have you also found a new mirror for the new version or is
it still running on the current mirrors?

Can't wait to work with the new version :-D

Good Luck!
Re: New FP Version
Sounds good Stu!

I'm looking forward to see and use the new forum :-)

Also congratiolations from me whith your baby, and renember;
always place him/her at the first place, than the forum ;-)

Thanks and greetings, Martijn.
Re: New FP Version
Michiel: Yes, let me be clear. No photos or text will be
lost. All will be preserved in the new version. The only
thing that will change here is that you should be able to
access old posts more easily without having to scroll back
through hundreds of pages!

Part of the reason for the re-write is also to allow
farmphoto to be replicated over several internet hosts.
Right now I have a very centralized system and if something
catastrophic were to go wrong with the main server then
hundreds (possibly thousands) of posts would be lost because
the site is very big (35GB and almost 1 million separate
files) and tedious to backup so it doesn't happen as
regularly as it should. The new design will hopefully
automate this and allow for better integrity of data.
Re: New FP Version
Sounds good Stu. I'll keep coming back a lot at the forum
the next couple days, wanna see the new version asap.

Good luck with the little star!
Re: New FP Version
Brilliant !!!!

especially the part about not having to go back through
100's of posts. And its a good thing your "modernising" the
site, its like farming, you've gota keep up to date to do

* and since everone else is congratulations on your new
Re: New FP Version
yo stu
i recieved my t-shirt from farmphoto
thank u very much i will maybe send a picture of it.
he is just al bit big for mee bud dat don't madder
grtz tom
Re: New FP Version

Will this new site be in Dutch or English? ;-):-D
Re: New FP Version

Sorry, I forgot to say: Congratulations with your baby.
Enjoy the baby-time, they will grow up very fast ;-)
Re: New FP Version

Sorry, I forgot to say: Congratulations with your baby.
Enjoy the baby-time, they will grow up very fast ;-)
Re: New FP Version
stu, you dont have to worry that people dont like the new
farmphoto....we are here for the information and the
pics....and those who dont like it....f*ck them...its you,re

i like the idea btw...cant wait!

lots of luck with you,re new born...
Re: New FP Version
old version vb script.... ;-)
new version c# very good... ;-)
i am webmaster.....
i am useing vb,c# and java script.... ;-)
Re: New FP Version
hey stu, very great what you are doing for us all,
dont forget i have much respect for you, it's a great site
to learn something about the rest of the farming world:-D
keep going the good stuff:-)
i think it's hard to run a site this big.

I have one question: if i go to my posting history a message
tell me that 'there are no posts' is this coming back?:-[

and, do you have also new options on the new version?
i think the voting part of the site isn't use very much
because it is to difficult/boring/....? to vote on pictures
I think no one has problems if you delete it from the site
or maybe there is a new version of that to, but we will
(sorry for my bad english, i still have much to learn and i
think it's difficult to read this all:-P)
greeting from the cold and rainy dutch;-)
Re: New FP Version
®edpowe®: hmmmm. I made some code changes that may cause
this (no history) but I thought I fixed them all. If I click
on your history link above it is OK. On which page is the
link you are clicking on? Oh, wait, I bet it is a cache
issue. I will clear the cache and see if you are still
having problems.

Tom: Size.... Yes, I should have thought to ask you what
size! :-[ Actually it wouldn't have mattered too much
because I only have one size! :-\ But I am glad it came
through and i hope the recovery is going well.

@nneS: You know the answer to that. FP only comes in one
language - Dutch! :-D

Actually I am setting it up so that FP will be fully
translatable into whatever language users want to see it in.
Re: New FP Version
can you make somethinh to post small video's?
Re: New FP Version
tom: i think that cost much space on the site!
but it is on stu to do it;-)
maybe evryone with video's can go to
there you can join a group. maybe we can make a FP group;-)
Re: New FP Version
btw:-{ stu, my problem ist'nt fixed yet;-)
it has no hurry ,i can wait a few days:-P
Re: New FP Version
Tom: I have been investigating methods for adding video
capabilities to FP. I think it is possible but until I try I
won't know for sure. It's on the list...

®edpowe®: I have cleared the cache which I thought would fix
the problem but obviously that didn't work! Can you tell me
exactly which page you are clicking on to get to the bad
page? (For instance does clicking on one of your 'history'
links on this page cause problems?).

All: As usual things are taking longer that I expect. I had
hoped to have the new version running by now but I have run
into some problems. But now I have all weekend to work so
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