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Language problem
This is a problem witch is already a long time on Farmphoto, languages witch we can't read.
We already offerd to talk only Englisch but it still is a problem!

Perhaps if we put our heads together we can find a answer on this problem, is there not a translation prgram for it besides bablefish or something to fit it with the site??

If you have an idea...put it here and perhaps stu can make a sulution to it.

Greetings from Holland

Niels Stams
Re: Language problem
This is a quote from the code of conduct of farmphoto:

demand other members speak a certain language

use a language in a thread that the original poster will not understand

provide a translation of your post if you are asked to by another member and you are able
Re: Language problem
i yhink the best solution is to put a text in your motherlanguage and in english to,so everybody can read it.
(this system is already in use I thougt)
Re: Language problem
We must just follow the rules of farmphoto such as Marco showed us.

End of Story
Re: Language problem
The rules are the rules but i find ite pretty boring to just watch some photos and dont understand what it says because i cant understand the certain language. Visst jag kan skriva på svenska men det blir jävligt tråkigt för er som inte fattar ett dugg. Lennart har flera fantastiska träd och det är fantastiskt för att många förstår vad han skriver!
Re: Language problem
Tack Stark! Det är roligt och hedrande att du tycker så!:-)

With Stark1's and mine small language change above we illustrate how some of us sometimes are very curious of what are they discussing now when the text is not in an understandable language.

I agree with Stark1 that it is nice when you understand all the content, even the text. Some say that a picture tells more than 1000 words, but often the text is needed for one to fully understand what's happening.

I also understand that as you are a lot speaking dutch or other languages it is easy to use your homelanguage. But you should know that with good pictures you will always be appreciated if the text is understandable, i.e. english.

As summary, I accept the rules, but I also appreciate treads in english a lot more than in other languages (even swedish as this is an international forum). So my wish is that more of you who don't use english today will at use it more in the future! And, don't be ashamed if the grammatics or the spelling is not fully after the school book - I think we all have a high level of tolerance!
Re: Language problem
The more you speak english, the beter you will speak it.:-P
Re: Language problem
Ein Niederländer beschwert sich über Sprachen die er nicht lesen kann. Wenn mann die einzelnen Beiträge anschaut sind fast 50 % in flämisch geschrieben. Keine "Fremdsprache" (nicht englisch) ist so häufig hier vertreten. Deshalb verstehe ich die Kritik nicht ganz. Oder sprichst Du deine Landsleute an Nils

A Netherlander complains about languages they he cannot read. Almost 50% are if man looks at the individual contributions written in Flemish. No "foreign language" (no English) is so frequently represented here. Therefore I do not quite understand the criticism. Or you talk to your compatriots Nils
Re: Language problem
To Stark1 and Lennart: You gave us a fine example of the problem many FP users have and you have a great sense of humour ! :-)
I agree with you Lennart: We do have a high level of tolerance.

My opinion:
Bad English is still better to be understood than good dutch. And this has nothing to do with disliking the dutch language. In fact I enjoy listening to it very much.
I read the CoC, too (I think we all did and it is not necessary to quote them) and so I know that no one should demand other members to speak a certain language - but we don't demand.
We only want to understand the discussions! :-[
To refer to the rules is easy but doesn't solve the problem!
There are so many threads with interesting pics and as a real enthusiast you are curious what is the background but you can't get the meaning and that's annoying.
So you dutch speaking people should not be offended by this thread but happy that we others want to understand your discussions. ;-)
A good example is the PR to Johans thread about the AC logo. I think the only problem is that someone did not get the meaning of it
So threads like this are nothing but a modest request to let us participate in your interesting discussions.
Re: Language problem
i often ask for a translation into english.
if the original poster cannot speak it than usually someone who has put something into the thread can help out ;-) all we must do is ask nicely for a translation and usally someone will help.:-)
Re: Language problem
for me the best solution is to post the messages in english because as far as I know is the most spoken languaje around the world. But that´s my humble opinion.
Re: Language problem
W-A-S, ich habe 3 talen gehat auf meine schule, ich kan deutsch lesen aber nicht zo gut schreiben, idem mit englisch.
Die probliem ist Polisch oder Turkisch, ig habbe manch mal gefragt das sie es bitte in englisch typen wolte aber sie kunte die tale nicht.
Das ist die problem, wen eien foto intresant ist dan wolte ich aug die texte lesen aber das ist dan nicht möchtlig.

W-A-S, I've got 3 foreight language on school. I can read Germean good and type it a bit(as you can see).
The same is for Englisch.
The problem is as I already explained that some of the turkisch and polisch people (and I siad not start a war here) can't type englisch.
If there is an intresting picture and there is written turkisch or polisch I can't read the text beneath it.
So that's why I asked it
Re: Language problem
Nils: Ich wunderte mich, weil ausgerechnet ein Niederländer (im Süddeutschen Holländer) dieses Thema diskutiert. Wie ich schon feststellte, sind die Hälfte der Beiträge in holländisch. Diese Sprache ist auch nicht sehr verbreitet. Wollen die Holländer unter sich bleiben. Wenn eine so große Gruppe von Nutzern nicht in englisch schreibt, dann kann man es auch nicht von kleineren Gruppen wie den Polen oder Türken erwarten.

Nils: I was surprised because a Netherlander (in the South German Holländer) discusses this topic. How I already stated, half of the contributions is in Dutch. This language is not very common either. The Dutchmen want to stay under themselves. If such a large group of users does not write in English, then you cannot expect it from smaller groups like the Pole or Turk either.
Re: Language problem
Alot of very good points made by everyone here. As I have had strong opinions on this matter & been "shot down in flames" in the past, I shall keep my comments brief.

As people have said above, if an english translation can be given on each post (only has to be brief, just enough so that others can see what the photo is & what is being described by the poster), that would be very much appreciated by all.

Even if your english skills are not 100% who cares? You will not be criticised for trying & making an effort.

I think this applies to everyone who's mother tongue isnt english, whether you are from Belgium, Turkey, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, China, Germany or other countries; if you can make an effort, then it will be respected & appreciated by all of the english speaking members,

Thats just my 5 cents worth, I hope I havent upset or offended anyone,


TC :-)
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