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Flavio 50394 246 Pantomorus sp either
Pantomorus sp
A excellent guy to photo taken.
Pantomorus insect specimen on my mother garden plant.

Flavio Gassen
Re: Pantomorus sp
This is really a great photo! It's classic style.
Maybe you can get job for Geographic magazine!
Re: Pantomorus sp
I'd agree with that. What camera and lens are you using
Re: Pantomorus sp
Stu and Ken,
Thanks for the nice comments about my pictures. I have 2
cameras, a Kodak DC 120 with only 1.3 Mega pixel purchased
at 1998. Other is a Sony Mavica FD85 with 1.3 mega pixel
too, and belongs to COOPLANTIO cooperative. To macro photo
taken, I use a manual 20X lens and FD 85 is better than DC
120 to macros focus adjust. This lens is no usual, but I
need to improvise. With FD 85 was taken more than 15
thousand photos, but I taken only five thousand. My job is
agronomic support to Cooplantio branches and taken pictures
about pests, diseases and crops visual meeting on my travels
(like you, Stu, and Phil of Opticrop). I have about ten
CD-Roms with agricultural photos taken since 1998, near 5
thousand digital pictures saved. The most is no so good, but
some it’s very nice, I think. In the future, I would like
puchase a 5 mega pixel camera with macros lens, but now it’s
very expensive.
Look my pictures taken with Kodak DC120 camera about ceramic
pieces manufactured my brother, Rui
( This is a very simple HTML
website and was developed for me about 1998. I’m a Corel
Draw applications user and make all pictures modifies with
that, the information bar on pictures include on FarmPhoto,

Flavio Gassen
Re: Pantomorus sp
yesterday i bought my digitale camera (hp 735 3.2 megapixel)
when i was at my uncle's house,
i made this picture while testing my camera,

and it is going better and better every time :-)
Re: Pantomorus sp
Flavio, I have a 5 megapixel camera (Minolta Dimage7) but my
pictures rarely come out as nicely as that one. You must be
doing something right! My previous camera was a 3 megapixel
Kodak DC290. I actually prefered the photos from it although
the Dimage has better zoom and macro capabilities.

Mathieu, did that photo not show or did you just forget to
attach it?
Re: Pantomorus sp
Stu, I try a Sony F517 with 5 megapixel, too, but for macro
photos the FD85 with 1.3 mpx was better despite small
resolution. I tried the DC290, too, but the FD85 are better
again. I have changed the diskdrive two times because excess
use. I don't tried Minolta cameras. The Nikon are focus for
macro slowness than Sony.

Re: Pantomorus sp
Flavio, yes, I think that the megapixel resolution is often
an overstated measure of a cameras quality. I liked the
DC290 for it's ease of use. Much friendlier than the
Minolta. The place I usually go to look for digital camera
reviews is . It has lots of good info...
Re: Pantomorus sp
Hi Stu and Flavio,
I am still working with my old Chinon cp-7m. I've been
wanting a digital camera for some time and I've tried out
some of my friends, but still have not found one yet that
can take snapshots as quick as I can with my Chinon. I think
it takes those cameras too long to focus and too long to
snap the picture. At least the ones I got to try out. How
can you catch a flying butterfly with a digital camera? Or a
bull rider trying to stay on a bull? Do you know of any
digital cameras that have the same manual focus capability
as my 35 mm camera, that lets you take action shots. I would
like to know what your experiences in this area with your
digital camera are.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Re: Pantomorus sp
Hi Flavio, Stu, Kadee & Mathieu,

Some of my friends wonder why I still enjoy looking at
pictures after 33 years of taking them around the world for
newspapers. ItOs a simple answer, because of the enjoyment
I get at looking at ones like you take and what I can learn
from them.
You all do such a great job and your pictures show your
enthusiasm for photography and the subjects you choose. When
I taught photography at a college in Chicago, I was always
asked what type of camera they should buy. My answer was
to go to the store and have them put 5 different ones on the
counter. Choose that which feels best to you. What your
pictures show is that the subject is more important than the
technical part of photography.
My digital is a very old Olympus which is only 768k not
even 1 mega pixel!
All the photos on were taken with
One of these days I will get a new Nikon digital camera so
that I can use some of my old lens with it. I still have
many Nikons here but they sit in a bag in a corner of my
And I always tend to use the Olympus. Even when I take
pictures for Associated Press
I still use this old digital. You see the secret to good
digital pictures is in Photoshop software more than the

I did enjoy your brothers site too. Some of his work
reminds me of wha IOve seen in Japan in museums.

I look forward to seeing your pictures too.

Most of the digital cameras do not respond as fast as
regular cameras.
The ones that do are $2000 to $38,000! The average $250.
Are fine but it takes some getting used to when the subject
is moving.
Sometimes you have to anticipate the action and press the
shutter before
you see what happens or where the subject moves. It often
interesting photos.

Thanks again for havaing this great site. I really enjoy it.
As for your minolta, all the news guys I worked with never
liked the lenses
but they all said minolta had the best light measuring
systems of any cameras made.
Its one of the few digitals Ive never tried. Guess you need
to take a vacation in Hawaii and show me!

Thanks again
Re: Pantomorus sp
very sorry but the picture was to big or something like that

this is the picture, but it is half the size it was, so the
quality is a little bit down.
Re: Pantomorus sp
Ken, your contribution is very important for us. Your
pictures are a really best, because the small resolution of
your camera.
My wife have a Sony DSC-717 (5 megapixel) to register
pacient evolution. She is a orthodontist. Today, I tried to
take photos with DSC-717 about frozen straw and flowers. I
feel strange with DSC, because my all experience is with
Kodak and MVC-FD85 (1.3 megapixel). Their adjust
possibilities are very different.
You are right about Photoshop software in digital picture
qualitiy. My software is a Corel Photopaint version 11.

Your suggestion are very nice. Thanks.

Re: Pantomorus sp
Flavio, here's the best I can do to match your photo above.
I took it a couple of years back while fooling with my

Kadee, as Ken said - you can get digital camera with fast
response times but they are very expensive. We have a Kodak
DCS760 at work we use for aerial pictures of farmer fields
that is identical in physical performance to any SLR I've
ever used. The drawback is the cost (I think it was $8K) and
(in this particular instance, there are better options now
in newer models) the weight. I never use it for general work
because it is too tiring to lug around.

Ken, I'll have to look for a conference in Hawaii to attend
;-) ...

My gut feeling for digital cameras is that they do a much
better job with close in shots as opposed to wide area
landscapes. I think this relates to the low resolution. ie.,
if you have limited number of pixels to work with you do
better by grouping them all on the subject of interest. Is
this right Ken?

Re: Pantomorus sp
Hi Flavio,
Usually when ever I walk around someplace in Hawaii
I see visitors taking pictures of each other. Always I offer
To take pictures of them both together so I get to use many
kind of cameras by accident.
I guess I don't see much difference in quality of digital
cameras, only the way they feel in
My hands. For example I like feel of old Nikon coolpix but
not new one.
I like feel of old Olympus and new one but I prefer Nikon
flash media
instead of smart media like my Olympus uses.

Also I think full photoshop is best instead of photoshop
I used corel but it was many years ago. Always I use
macintosh now.
Today at flea market I found 2 macs for $1. each. Owner
said hard drive was broken so I put new ones and and have 2
new computers!
I don't know what to do with them so maybe I will give to

I cant say my pictures are any better than any others. Just
Always I use flash even in bright sun light. Light is
also important for digital image.
Next time you take picture outside, take one with flash and
one without flash and
Look at difference. I think all news photographers always
use flash even in sunshine!

Hi Stu,
National Farm Bureau convention is in Hawaii next year!
See you there!

IOve had to do a number of landscapes from choppers here
and found not much
difference if you have a polarizer filter on the lens.
Using the unsharp mask
and contrast control from photoshop will really help bring
out the contrast too.
There is a difference in some cameras of what they call
interpolation and how it
relates to the ccd devices. They say all this stuff which I
glance over but it still comes
down to controlling the contrast with filters and photoshop.
Then again with low pixel resolution, its hard to take a
small section and blow it up.
When I used the big $30K Nikon digital cameras at AP , that
sure was not a problem
But they were only 3p in those days.

My camera only holds 8 pictures on the highest quality
before I have to dump them
On a hard drive or switch the smart media card.

Take care
Re: Pantomorus sp
A Sony DSC-717 with FarmPhoto website in the background.
Ken, your technical informations is very important for us.
I don't know to use filters with digital cameras.
Is the Photoshop software better than Photopaint of Corel?

The Farmphoto website is a great contribution.

Flavio Gassen
Re: Pantomorus sp
Hi Flavio,

Yesterday another friend called to say she just bought Sony
DSC 717 and wants me to show her how to use it next week.

These days filters are not so popular because photoshop
software can control much
Of what filters do but still there is a difference. Try to
find polarizing filter
For one of your cameras or you can check about it on web
IO^m sure.
There is a big difference in sky contrast with them and
light reflected on other objects.
I think there is much more control with Photoshop than with
corel. Almost every newspaper and magazine in the world is
using photoshop for pictures.
It's a little expensive though.

I agree, the Farmphoto site is great and its important to
show agriculture
In a positive light. I think it is also great we can
communicate about it with many locations.
IOm excited to think about next time I go to japan to take
digital pictures so that
I can upload them. Usually I use film there because my
camera holds so few pictures.
I want to show you how fruit is protected while growing on
the trees.

Take care
Re: Pantomorus sp
Hi you all,
and thanks for all your great advise!
I've been using the flash quite a bit since years.
Especially since you can take pictures that way against the
light. It's really great. Here is an example of a picture
with and without the flash. I took them on the 4th of July
at our vegetable stand. Now I did not enhance or alter them
in any way in my photo programs. What you see is what I have
on photo.
Thanks again, Kadee
Re: Pantomorus sp
I'm going to give this "constant-on flash" business of Ken's
a go. Looks like it worked well in your photos Kadee. I'm a
bit scared of what it might do to my battery life however!
Re: Pantomorus sp
I'm one of duracell's best customers!
Re: Pantomorus sp
i'm sorry that im going to say this;

duracel sucks, whe i bought my camera a week ago there
where duracell batteries with it,after 40 photo's they where
empty. i bought also some photo batteries + charger

a photo battery dousn't lose strenght every time you charge
it again and again, it keeps it strenght it's whole life,

srry for my englisch, did'nt now some words :-D
Re: Pantomorus sp
The first time I used the Minolta it chewed thru the
batteries. I barely got 100 photos out of 4 AA's. It was
very disappointing. However, I've learnt to be careful about
doing things like turning off the camera after each photo
and using the viewfinder rather than the LCD. Now a set of
batteries seems to last for ever. I use rechargeables. I
hate to think what my battery expenses would be like
Re: Pantomorus sp
Hi Mathieu,
:-\ I myself, like the Duracells also. I took pictures of a
wedding yesterday. Did 7 rolls, with 24 exposure each. Never
missed one flash. Love them. I have a wedding and another
church function I have got to take pictures of this
afternoon and I know I won't have to change the batteries.
:-D. You must have gotten a hold of some old ones. You know
there is an exception to every rule. ;-)
Re: Pantomorus sp
with my kodak 4.1 megapixel medion i can take also 100
Re: Pantomorus sp
It must be nice to have new cameras! With my old Olympus
I can only get 24 picures then its time for new batteries!
Only 24! New cameras are much better and use less power.
In my regular Nikon cameras batteries last much longer.
Since always I had to be running around taking pictures,
sometimes as much as 12 hours, a day I never had time to
recharge them.
So we always used throw away batteries. The reason for
Duracell is
That they had flat bottoms or <ETH> side. Some makers of
batteries have a small indentation on the bottom which
causes problems with electrical contact and also seemed to
cause more decay. IOm really not so fussy about makers of
batteries as long as they have a flat bottom.
Digital cameras always used too much power especially with
the LCD. Your right to turn off the LCD Stu, that makes a
big difference.

Mathieu, what type of rechargeable batteries did you get?

Re: Pantomorus sp
The battery expenditure is worry for me. On my old Kodak
DC120 (1.3 Mpixel) is used 4 AA alcaline battery (AA lithium
is better), but with very short life on macro photos. So, I
make a adaptation with a Sony battery pack rechargeable
(above) to resolve the high costs with AA battery. Today, I
ever choose cameras with rechargeable battery included, as
Sony cameras and others. A charge of Sony FD-85 (1.3 Mpixel
and floppy disk) can taken more than one hundred shots and
much more with the DSC-717 (5 Mpixel and memory stick).

Flavio Gassen
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