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HWOODS 50616 381 Case 4230 either
Case 4230
Case 4230 with Quickie loader. The attachment is a homemade
wrapped bale grab. It was eventually sprayed case red to
match the tractor.
Case 4230
Case IH 4230s are absolute rubbish we regretably had 2 and a
farmer next door had 8 of them - thankfully they have all be
repleced by new valtras a valtra 6400 with a loader and a
new T series T130 the next door farmer has replaced maost of
his with valtra mezzos and 100 series trators. The 4200
series tractors are far too highly gear and sit in the
ground very poorly indeed ( up at the front). They were the
right tractor produced at the right time and at the right
price for many farmers and so many were bought. They are
only usfull to a hill farmer who needs to do odd jobs but
not a mixxed or arable farms tractor that requires it to do
any real work. I cant believe that so many people like this
photo - what is there to like. The tractor sits up and the
front and just loooks crap - sorry but its the truth i used
to drive one. A tip for any owners - these tractors can be
very unstable at speed and to rectify this the wheels can be
set out :-(


Re: Case 4230
You can shut the fuck up. They are quality tractors and if u
found them unstable and whatever you are probably just a
shit driver! A good driver never blames his tractor you
retard. We have a 1500 arable farms and have 4 of them. 3
haul 12 tonne trailers and the other does all the loader
work. They were the best tractors caseih built and you know
fuck all,you inexperienced twat.
Re: Case 4230
these are compact tractors designed for livestock farmers
this could be why it didnt perform well in an arable
Re: Case 4230
and its a good photo
Re: Case 4230
I'm sorry Harry, but I have to agree with James in most of
his writing. When I read his meanings about this series,
it's exact what my neighbours and friends say about these
tractors: Many bought them because they ment they got very
much tractor for less money, but it was wrong. Most of them
had several problems with them, like problems with
transmission, the starter, hydraulics. And on the first
models, it's almost impossible to fill up the fueltank (XL
cab). I was also very disapointed about the noiselevel in
the XL cab. It's more quiet in my -86 Ford superQ. Most of
the owners of these tractors have traded them in, but
because of a bad reputation, they didn't get much money for
them. I think older models of CIH is better, I've don't
heard many complains on these old tractors like 885 and so
Re: Case 4230
I am quite happy to stick by my words of the old case
international 4230s as we did have 2 of them 1 was an
orginional 4230 the other was a 4230 pro , one of the later
editions both died after very short and usless lives. Many
many farmers in this part of the world ( mainly livstock
farms) bought in to these heavily and have paid the price.
These machines are alright if they are doing very light work
not hauling 12 tonne tralers - ours struggled with 8 tonne
silage trailers. Even the local dealers say that they are
rubbish. We now have a valtra 6300 pulling 105hP and a
fantastic valtra T130 pulling nearly 140hp all the old 4230s
from around here ended up in ireland or africa. The greatest
case international of all time are the origional 5100 series
maxxums they just go for ever other good models include the
985, 885 and the larger 6 cylinder models along with the
david brown 1300 and 1400 series machines. And if you run 4
4230s in an arable setup well it dosn't say much for your

Many thanks

James Biggar
Re: Case 4230
at my work we have a international 585xl and a case
international 885xl.

Both tractors perform very well in the work we do with it.
The 585 has now about 7800 hours and still works perfect
The 885 has about 6600 hours. From about 5000 hours the
problems began. The motor is to strong for the rest of the
gearbox. After the 5000 hours there were very much big
repairs needed in the gearbox.
We don't use the 885 for havy work anymore.
Re: Case 4230
the 3200 and 4200 series are based on the 85 series
Re: Case 4230
Pieter: I'm told that they are based on the -85 series too,
so why do they get all this problems? James talks about 12
ton haulers, but I can tell that the people I know with
these tractors have don't even seen a 12 ton hauler in their
life. This is small livestock farms, with 2 or 3 furrow
plows, 5-8 ton haulers, 3m harrows, 2m mowers and small
equippement like this, and still the tractors are more in
the workshop, than out on the fields. :-\
Re: Case 4230
kjeitl you are hust right many people round here had them
with small chilton loaders on them for shifting bales and
for scrapping out they may haul an 8 tonnes trailer at
harvest buth that was about it and they still spend hours in
the workshops - I certainly would not recomend them to
anyone that has some real work to do with them.
Re: Case 4230
Hi James,
I draw silage with a '96 Valmet 8400 with a 20ft trailer
with steering axel. There was a '01 JD 6910 pulling the same
type of trailer and I was kickin its ass up hills despite
being 5hp less. So i don't think its fair to compare a case
of this size to a T130 :-D
Re: Case 4230
Look at this pic of your so called amazin valmets. It can't
even cope with tiping a little trailer. If you had a 4230 on
the front this would never happen.
Re: Case 4230
My arse! There's no accounting for stupid drivers in any
world!!!! Try hooking a loaded 15ton dumper to a 4240 and
tip it up with the tail board closed and see how u get on!!!
Re: Case 4230
the only reason that tractor on the picture posted by Harry
Woods has dont that becasue there are no weights on it and
there is loads of crap in the trailer to weigh it down or
there is something wrong with that tractor
Re: Case 4230
By the way my point was that the 4230 is much smaller and
was developed for yard and general farm work not with
drawing silage in mind. The lightness of the tractor makes
it ideal for yard work to save tyres etc. I have driven a
5140 baling and a 2wd 885xl wrapping and found them to be
good machines! :-)
Re: Case 4230
when you had a 4230 hooked on it was hanging in the air this
can happen with anny tractor you can find hundreds of such
pictures on the internet and in magazine's the couse of this
is that the cargo whas not come out the trailer this maybe a
litle trailer but when loaded with sand it is soon big
enough lucky fore the driver that he hook not broke en the
trailer ramed into the cabin the change he survived that was
verry low so he could be lucky to have a valtra the ar
strong build tractors i drive'd verry much valtra and volvo
tracktors and i really like them verry stong in power and
quality and nice to drive i drive'd once a 4240 xl cab with
a douven crop spray but i think the other type case tractors
ar nicer to drive 745xl 956xl 1455xl maxxum and magnum but
thats my personal opinion :-\
p.s. sorry fore my bat english
Re: Case 4230
I would just like to say that I think the 4200 series are
exelent tractors and idealy suited to small mixed farms such
as the one i live on. As to 12 ton silage trailers I know
plenty of people who use these tractors on them. Although
not idealy suited, with a carefull considerate driver they
manage fine. I ve only ever driven one in a dealers yard
though. Yes they are almost identical to the 85 series, we
have a 585 XL at home and the only problem weve had with it
is cracked rear wheel rims from carrying 2 round bales of
silage on the back. I wouldnt like to put one on that big
trailer behind the Valmet though !:-\
Otherwise the 4240 is a sound tractor in my opinion.
Re: Case 4230
owain you are to an extent right on small places these
tractors with care can be nurtured along but not for larger
places where they are put under any pressure what so ever.
Re: Case 4230
I see your point James, hauling large trailers 24 hours a
day you would need something bigger that a 4200 series,
however on a farm like ours where we have only 2 small
tractors these tractors do all we would ask of them. A 4240
could finish cutting silage with say a small Lely splendimo
mower conditioner, hook up to a round baler and bale the
crop. Then carry it back two bales at a time on the linkage
(or one on the loader one on the linkage), wrap them and
stack them quite happy. Its a case of matching the tractor
to the farm. So dont dis these tractors ! And from my
experience there no less reliable than say the Massey 600
series (horrible tractors in my opinion)
Re: Case 4230
Owain: Your farm sounds exactly like my farm, and the other
farms around me. But still the 4200 brings much trouble. And
yes there are many other brands who are known for their
problems too. I known the front axle on the MF 600 series
break, Early MF 3000 gets transmission and electronic
breakdown and so on
Re: Case 4230
Kjetil: At the risk of going on about it, I would like to
say that yes the 4200 series have their faults. (I never
have got on with forward to revers speed differences). But
all tractors whatever make and model have their faults and
in my experience damage can be avoided by reguar and proper
servicing. It is not fair then to focus on the negatives
when I belive the posotives out weigh them easily. I however
also admit to being fond of all Doncaster built tractors,
International, Case and now McCormick most of which I think
are great tractors. :-D
Re: Case 4230

The maxxum tractors really are excellent and we currently
have a 5130plus with nearly 6000hors on the clock. later
editions we not built to the same high standards. the mx
range had bad gear boxxes and the current mc cormicks have
the simple idea to produce simple tractors at affordable
prices our local dealer has little problem with the big ones
ie MTX's but has problems with the new MC6 machines and the
smaller case IH cx machines.
Re: Case 4230
Where was the Maxxum made. I thought they made them in Neuss
or were there some more built in Doncaster?
Re: Case 4230
James : Ive never had any expreience with the maxxun range
although i'm told their exelent tractors. A neighbour has
recently bought a second hand one his only compaints are
that the powershifts are very sharp and that the wings and
mudguards have rusted so badly he has had to replace them.
Are these problems you have ? I think all the 5100's were
built in Nuess, I know none were made in Doncaster. As for
the current Mc Cormick tractors i disagree with you. My next
door neighbour who runs a silage contracting team bought a
Mc Cormick MTX 135, he thought it was a poor tractor with to
little power for its bulky frame. He had numerous engine
problems before eventualy the engine seized solid whilst
power harrowing ! He now has an MC 135 which is a far
superiour tractor. As for the CX i was driving a CX 90 in
the summer and thought it was a good machine. The only thing
i noticed was that it seemed rather weak for a 90hp tractor.
Otherwise I liked it. So im inclined to got with Doncaster
built tractors.
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