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Kjetil 64458 347 Nice MF 135 either
Nice MF 135
This picture is stolen from, who is a site
about tractors mostly from Norway. But as this and the
following picture shows, it`s worth the money if you shine
up your old tractor :-)
Re: Nice MF 135
Same tractor before restoration....Not so nice to look at
this time :-\
Re: Nice MF 135
this tractor isnt shined up, its just had all new parts
imported from brazil where they still make newens the only
origional thing on this tractor is the numberplate and thats
probably new too
Re: Nice MF 135
restoration my arse, its a new tractor, are the wheels the
same ones, no, the wings, no the lights, no its not restored
at all
Re: Nice MF 135
I see that you don`t know nothing about MF`s in Norway, and
you should shut your cakehole untill you know better.
First of all this is a tractor imported used from UK in the
late seventies, You can see that from the fenders and the
headlights, because in Norway all 100 series were fitted
with a Swedish Sepson cab and fenders, like the cab on the
first picture, and the picture of my 135, where You also can
see the headlights mounted on the front of the cab, who was
standard on tractors sold new in Norway.
Back to the restored tractor: The positionlights, or what
you call them, in the front of the cab is from 200 series
tractors with UK Sankey cab.
If You wish to know more, just let me know!!!!!!
Re: Nice MF 135
I just have to add that there were two sorts of cabs on the
100 series in the seventies: the Sepson as shown here, and a
more expensive, solid Swedish Fernmo cab.....
Re: Nice MF 135
The Fernmo cab is shown here on this picture from a Swedish
dealer, and You can see that this tractor have 12,4/11-32
rear and 6,00-19 front tires, and not 6,00-16 and 12,4/11-28
like the tractors above. In Norway 19" and 32" were optional
on 135 and standard on MF 148
Re: Nice MF 135
u havent backed yourself up at all, u just admitted to me
that all the parts were imported and not restored, a
restoration is when parts are cleaned, fixed or made to work
again , not when u buy new parts to replace them, those
lights on the top arnt origional, and the dynamo definately
wouldnt support them in the dark i can tell u
Re: Nice MF 135
take a look at the front headlights, the origionals were
metal, those newens are plastic not origional, u have made
the tractor worse, also i cannot verify this because i cant
see the pikture very well but the origional sidelights were
definately glass, newens are plastic and i bet those are too
Re: Nice MF 135
I understand. It`s the meaning of the word restoration that
you are discussing here.
You are right about that, but it was not ment so seriously
from my side, but more ment as a shine up. It was not ment
to be a 100% original restoration, but just make the tractor
look fresh and shiny
I don`t know if you have restored any vehicle yourself, but
sometimes you have to buy new parts, even if you don`t want
But you are wrong about the dynamo, it`s not the original 11
amp. anymore, it has been replaced too ;-) , so I think
there is enough power in it.
Re: Nice MF 135
By the way, Do you have any pictures of tractors that you
have restored yourself, Or do you just tell everyone how
they should do it??
Re: Nice MF 135
i think we understand each other now and u are right
yourself in what u say there are two totally different
meanings to the word restoration and i only like one of
and on the restoration idea, i am a restorer, its what i do
as well as farming, i am payed to restor but i try not to
buy too many parts, (although u have to from time t time i
understand i do too wen they are needed)
i myself hava MF 165 im nirley finished restoring and i hav
a 35x ive had from new no joke new 1963 which is due
Re: Nice MF 135
u will se all of my tractors and the 165 if u go to search
and type in: jims beast
Re: Nice MF 135
I agree with You in the meaning of the word, but give me a
correct word of the work that have been done on that 135,
because my english is rather crappy
You say that You have had your 35X since new. So have we!
The only thing we have done with the 35X, is that we changed
clutch in it, and it have run about 8-9000 hours (the meter
stopped at 4700) Our 1978 135 we also bought new, and was
traded in 1992 with 4500 hours totally without any repairs
Re: Nice MF 135
yes u are right massey are a very good tractor,all of mine
are from new (in the family) ALL 8 OF THEM MY 165 HAS DUN
MAY HAVE DUN 10k HOURS and i suppose u can say the 135 is
restored but be careful how u use the word
ps i diddnt even notice u wernt english
Re: Nice MF 135
I`m Norweigan my friend!!
I have one question for you: Our 1978 135 had same
controls/handles for hydraulics as the 35X has. This isn`t
normal. You know what I mean: You move the handle backwards
to get the arms up, and move the handle all the way forward
and down to lower them. It should be like this on a 100
series: move from back and half way up to rise, and move
back to lower.
Do You know why our 135 are like this????? :-\
Re: Nice MF 135
By the way: I have seen MF`s with totally unknown numbers on
here on Farmphoto, like Yours 298(?) in Norway we had as
follows: 133, 135, 148(-4), 165(-4), 168, 175, 178, 185,
188, and 235, 240(-4), 250(-4,-turbo), 265(-4), 290(-4)
Re: Nice MF 135
yer i will try to asnwer your question im looking into it

and in england its the same there is no such thing as the
148? or the 265?
in england we have the following:
35 65 135 165 185 230 240 290 298 375? 390 398 399 575 590
690 698 699 etc etc
Re: Nice MF 135
Ok, here is a complete list over MF sold new in Norway: MF
25, 30, 65, 130, and the list above + 340, 350, 355, 360,
362, 372, 375, 382, 390, 399, 550, 565, 575, 590, 595, 675,
690, 699 and 2000 series and 3000 series.
You added a ? at the 148, that is a 135 with a gearbox
spacer, 32" and 19" wheels, hydraulic assist steering, and
8+2 transmission. 148 could also be delievered with 4wd. The
265 is a 165 with 4-236 engine and a 200 series hood. You
can see my -82 265-4 w/ Lambourn cab in my album.
Re: Nice MF 135
I only just found this thread. But I need to say jim is
wrong MF 148 And 265 were sold in the uk;-) most 265's
were actually built in coventry! also this 135 I would
call a refurbishment not a restoration;-)
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