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jose 68865 26 in english please either
in english please
hey Stu
congratulations by the Web , but is impossible to read a
post many post in dutch and belgian .
you can't make something for solve this situation ?? .
Re: in english please
Hi Jose,

I sympathize with the problem (being more linguistically
challenged than most ;-) ).

I have always felt that it is better to see the pictures
from foreign countries even if you can't read the

I am open to any and all comments and suggestions as to
whether or not this forum should have English as the major
language and, if so, how the use of that language should be
Re: in english please
Hi Jose, Stu,

I think that here on this site many people are, who don`t
speak / write English, I now the problem, and when someone
ask me to translate, i wil help him, if i could. I think the
most dutch speaking people do it if you`le ask.

By the way, you say belgium people, but the half of belgium
is dutch native speaking :-D , I think you mean the French
Re: in english please
for the readers,

you claim it always to be us to speak not in englisch,

but i want to get 1 thing straight,

the french people ask us to speak englisch and whe do that,

but sometimes when we ask the french (not all, they are some
people who do that) to speak englisch they go talking in
french again and sometimes i see the names of who had askt

and don't tell me that that ones of the french cant speak
englisch because when they want something they can speak
Re: in english please
My vote would be to accept any langauge Stu.
Might help the rest of us learn something!
Just be glad the system does not accept kanji or I might
start posting messages in Japanese!

There is a joke that some are fond of here,
What do you call a person that speaks 3 langauges?
A- trilingual
What do you call a person that speaks 2 langauges?
a= bilingual
What do you call a person that speaks 1 langauge?
A= American

Sadly the US system of education does not promote the study
of language as damn near everywhere else in the world.
Personally I enjoy reading ( attempting to read that is) the
messages in French, German and others. It reminds me there
is another world out there and adds to the flavor of
Farmphoto. Farmers no matter where they are from share
common problems and can share solutions. If there is a
desire to communicate, language is not a problem. I've
found this true in many Asian countries.
Re: in english please
Hi everyone,

I didn't think this was a problem becaurse i can talk
Englisch and Dutch (a little selvisch). But now there are
comming more Frensch post which i can't understand. So i
think becaurse this is an international site we should talk
Englisch here becaurse most people can understand that
Mostly i send my messages in dutch becaurse it is easier and
i can express myself better in Dutch. But from that wierd
Frensch language i don't understand a thing. And i think
most Frensch people don't understand the dutch so why
doesn't everyone make it easier for eachother and talk
Englisch? And if you want to be very detaild you can also
say that in you're own language and make a kind of a summery
in Englisch.
So my messeges wil be in Englisch now.

Greetings from Holland :D
Re: in english please
Hi Ken,

I´m not your opinion that all can use his language because I
feel that mutch abuse farmphoto to settle privat fights.
It´s tru when Stu says that a picture can tell mutch. The
other thing is, that when a poster can say nothing to a
picture than this pictures has to say nothing.

I think, that some of the posters are a epidemic and only
jam the page, and use farmphoto as a dump. Not all pictures
who are intersting for me are intersting for all and not all
pictures and comments I posted on farmphoto are intersting
for all or for some. But mutch posts are only litter, litte,
litter, litter...Sometimes I think they post pictures of a
move (25 a second and all nearly the same!!!!). I think this
guys are only a few but they make 50 % of the posts and only

I think on farmphoto should be created a new file where
every poster should introduce hisself when he has posted
more as, for example, 10 pictures or comments. I think it
would be a sense of good manner! It´s simple to hide behind
a e-mail adress and dump all his wasts.

Re: in english please
Hi Arno,
I think you have a good idea that if someone use other
languages, Spanish or Portugese or arabic, they could be
asked to please post something in english as well.
still for me, i would rather be able to see a photo from
France or Brazil or China even if I cant' read the message.
if I have question i can always try to ask them.
Still I understand your concern. I have a friend from
Holland who speaks little English but we can communicate in
Japanese and meet in tokyo once a year. It's fun and a big
suprise to the Japanese.

Aloha from hawaii

Hi Theo,

I agree that many pictures of the same thing is a big waste
of space and bandwidth and out time to see them.
it's different from the langauge that goes with them I
Also I think Stu has the choice to take off some photos or
messages he does not find appropriate. When people argue
for example, they should be asked to do it in email and not
public place. I am operator of compuserve forums for 20
years and sometimes I ask people to stop. In some case I
have to lock them out of forum even. It's always sad if I
have to cancel someone membership to forum but sometimes it
is for the common good.
Sometimes we get many strange people on Japan forum.

Since I only look at crop photo or humor or sunscape
sections, I dont look at tractor pictures too much.
In hawaii we cannot use tractor on side of mountain where
my farm is. So I never see argument and problems you see.
Still sometimes there is some talk in portugese or spanish
and I enjoy trying to understand it. if I have questions
I can always ask them about it.

You make good point that private fights should not be on

Take care for now
aloha from hawaii
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