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Which One
Inter1455XL versus Case1455XL 1982 V 1992

Which is the better machine and why?

A buyer’s guide, please

In English if U can;-)
Re: Which One
Aren´t you a bit young to buy such traktors?
Re: Which One
The left one of course. That's the real Inter!!
Re: Which One
Johan said the right thing!
The older 1455 is the real one.
I think the best 1455 XL is the 1455XL ergo-s from 1985.
They have the 40km/h gearbox, Sens-o-draulic and better
All those things are availible in the newer 1455, too. But
the old one is the one and only!
Re: Which One
Frank lad, Daddy said I could have one, So there,

What is ergo-s, sense-o-draulic
We have three small Inters

1972 574
1982 785XL
1992 Case895 Super

I would rate them all as being very good for there year and
size, Interesting to note the chassis and engine block is
the exact same on the 574 and 895 and there is twenty year
gap between these machines.
All of these machines have 40km/hr boxes, i.e. they can hit
25mph @ 2500rpm,

So does this mean the machine you speak about is no faster
than ours, or did you mean it has a fast box which would
mean 50kph ( 30mph ).
Anyway I prefer the older model as well, pure inter.
A dealer close to us had A 1255XL which he sold for 9000,
but I prefer to wait for the 1455 with the bigger bore
let's face it these machines are not really big any more,
although I don't need more than 110hp, that's the best
excuse I can think of at the moment.:-)
Re: Which One
The first 1455 had only a 30km/h (about 18 - 19 mp/h)
gearbox but the late ones had sometimes a 40 km/h (25 mp/h)
gerabox. But a IHC with 40 km/h is seldom.

The ergo-s was a Special version with better interior. It
has more Comfort for the driver.

The sens-o-draulic was a complete new Hydraulic System. I
think it was made by Bosch.
The Maxx-o-draulic in the 5100 Maxxums are nearly the same.
Just a little newer.

But a 1455 ergo-s with 40 km/h and Sens-o-draulic a very
rare machines. To find one isn´t easy!
Re: Which One
In my opinion the older 1455 are the best. For some
picture's check Most of these
1455's can do 45-50 kph @ 2600 rpm.
Re: Which One
Strange, the very most 55 XL series in my county are 40 km/h
version a 30km/h is here rare. The 45 XL , 56 XL series are
often to find with 30 km/h gearbox. The reason is the 55 XL
has a ZF gearbox is available from ±1983 with 40 km/h 55 XL
is most sold to contrators.
The 56 XL and 45 XL were much later available with 40 km/h
and was much expensiver than a 30 KM/h version. Those were
mosty sold to farmers. There are much more 45 XL and 56 XL
driving around than 55 XL series.

What is exact the differense between those traktors? I see
the collors and a different nose. But technical... It
wouldn´t suprice me that the Case IH are that luxery IH
Sascha ment. Options often become a few years later
Re: Which One
The Cab is the same. I don´t know exact, but maybe all Case
IH are ergo-s.

btw: Air Condition was availible in all XL. But it wasn´t
standard in the 1455.
I drove a Case IH 1455XL some time ago. It doesn´t had one.
And without AC it´s getting very hot on those tractors.
Re: Which One
Puth your doors open. it helpes;-)
Re: Which One
The issue with the speed is this, I sometimes work for a
local contractor, he has a ZTX, which is basically a Zetor.
He fitted this machine with a fast box; he once referred to
this as a 40k box, In no way was this 40k.

This machine was easily hitting 35 maybe even 40 mph on the
road; it was like flying it was so fast.
What I would like is a machine that will run along at 30mph

Christian says the machine’s on his site hit 50k at 2600rpm,
That means they are only doing 24mph at 2000rpm,

So that means they are only slightly faster than the
machine’s we already have, this does not mean a fast box.

Surly if there is a fast box available for a ZTX or Zetors
then there must be one available for the above machines
which have been in production for over 15 years.

Oh by the way, I seen pictures of the rear end of these
machines and they have a funny hitch arrangement, looks as
if they don’t have pick-up hitch.
A machine this size without a pick-hitch, is this correct?

Christian, that company has an impressive outfit, how many
1455 does he have?
Re: Which One
How is it that there is no pick up hitch on the monster.
And the same shite on an 8210.
Why would A manufacturer fit this rubbish:-\
Re: Which One
How do does such a hitch work? Pictures please.
I´m most curious how is prevented the hitch opens during a
road trip.
How weight can such a hitch cary?
Re: Which One
Here is the ford picture full size, I’ve seen lot of this IH
model and they ALL have this setup on the rear, even Case IH
as late as1996.
It’s hard to tell what does what or what the benefits of
this ridiculous design are.
Re: Which One
Re: Which One
that ford is missing the "normal" drawbar...

I wish tractors in Canada came with a piton like that

I have never seen a pickup-hitch in real life and never
missed it...
Re: Which One
What's A Piton?
Re: Which One
I think he means a piston. It´s the finger where you 20
tonnes dumper or 15000 liter slurrytanker is resting on. The
savety pin is missing here.

You still haven´t told us how that pick up hitch works. how
it´s garded, how many tonnes it can carry and pull and so
Re: Which One
A here is your answer frank, like I said there is no
provision for a pickup hitch on any of the machine's that
I've seen, Stupid or what, I cant understand this, I've seen
this silly set-up on ford's and even on A fordson major. Not
2 worry I'll fabricate my own hitch when the time come's

Me is now off to work for a big contractor for the next 3
month's, please god don't let me screw up.

Fairwell Farmphoto till we meet again.:-D
Re: Which One
Hello Mannix,

Im familiar this system you show. It is very solid,
idiotproof and not expensive.
But, I -and many others- still want to know how that pick up
hitch you fancy do look like and work.
Re: Which One
I think this is meant with a pick up hitch.
Re: Which One
The hitch is fitted to the rear mounting brackets of an
Unimog. The hitch is lowered using in-cab controls. The
guide plates allow self-alignment of the trailer-eye even
with limited visibility.

The ring seat is then raised hydraulically, passing the tow
pin through the trailer eye. A double acting air ram
automatically locks the hitch and maintains pressure on the
Re: Which One
Yes all hail the Mannix,
He really is the man for answering his own questions.
Here Frank is what I was talking about all along,(altough
this does not look factory built) SEE, like I said, not so
complicated, So why do we see many many machines not fitted
with this simple system.
Again respect 2 me:-D

Who indeed can answer this question?
Re: Which One
Ye all irish machine have PUH's.That other set up is a bolox!
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