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Re: MB-Trac
Hi Holger,

I have moved your MB-Trac friends to the
machinery\tractors\mercedes sub folder. They have lots of
friends there!
Re: MB-Trac
Hi Stu

please excuse me when I´m so amgry to those guys. But I
can´t understand why you allow posting such brochure
pictures. Mybe that for his young guy this 20 year old
brochures have special quality. But I can´t foud there
your topic!

They scann all, without knowing some about it. A example,
This guy post a picture, in bad quality, from a CLAAS
prototype. It was a flax conditioner. Unfortunately this
picture was everytimes very smal in the brocures and

I would this types of pictures move in the sub folder for
scanner owners fom the Kindergarten!

Re: MB-Trac
Hi Theo,

I have promised in the past a solution to this situation but
I have still not delivered. My thought is to allow
registered members the ability to mark any picture as a
scan, duplicate, stolen picture etc. Once one is marked as
such it will only be shown to users to who want to see such

I am trying to spread the load so that the responsibility
for policing this site is not solely left to me (and because
I often can't be sure of the exact origins of a picture).

What do you (and others) think of this idea?
Re: MB-Trac
what is the problem with scanning from a magazine , iff i
don't have it , it would love to see the pictures in it
.(certainly such an old one)
I think you should first look after all those people who
steel from other sites .
An another thing mr. theo , iff somebody makes a mistake it
isn't your duty to make fun out of him , we aren't all as
good as you , i mean it , you have a great site with a lot
of information, but we aren't all so fanatic as you

ps sorry for my poor english

the idea of rathing the pics is bad, you will make a select
club of this site , for people who really know something
about it, we the ordinary people will be seen as loosers
because are comments contain errors
Re: MB-Trac
Hi Japan,

I understand your concerns. But surely this is the good
thing about a "rating" (or "classification") system? It is
then left up to the individual as to what they will or won't
look at. It's not up to me. Not Theo. Not anyone else. Just
you, the individual user.

Anyway, we can try it and if the consensus is that it is
stupid it can always be removed?

I value everyone's input on this site.


Re: MB-Trac
Hi Stu,

I know that I´m sometimes a little bit gruff, to straight
and to angry to your posters. But I think your page is a
very intersting platform to exchange agricultur information
of the worlds agricultur. I can´t anderstand why this
interesting informations must be covered with a tractor in
five or more views so you see only weels and get no

I understand young guys like Holger if hy would like to be
present on this successful page, but please not with
wellknown pictures.

I think it is difficult for you to manage this page. On the
one side you should examinate each picture if it is worth to
post or not. And the other way your page lives form this
pictures and if you refuse pictures someone is insulted an
send no longer pictures. But I think you should do it! I
think a picture without eMail adress and without discription
is lost webspace!

This excludes not a folder with pictures form brochures or a
folder with interesting pictures from the web! What is the
valule of a tractor or combine picture where the only
description is the type or the brand in a world of
globalisation where everyone knowo the actuell types and

I think the selection "most voted" is the second best
solution for valuation of the posted pictures, because many
vote for his picture and sitting on her computer with here

Take steps and bring your page back to a place of
information. Select interesting informations or pictures in
a foreground and the rest in a background. I know that my
pictures are not always premium - they can´t be always it.

Greetings from a farmphoto fan!

Re: MB-Trac
You are correct about the dilemna. I don't want people to
post rubbish (and not everyone agrees on what is or isn't
trash), but I don't want to disuade them from posting

My other dilemna is this. Farmphoto currently gets over 2000
posts a month. I simply don't have the time to research
every photo systematically and make a decision regarding its
pedigree. this is why I need the members of farmphoto to
help with the selection in some way. Voting has not been a
big success, you are right, but if it was only logged-in
members voting I would be able to ensure that each person
only got one vote.

I will endeavour to institute my system in the next few
days. We will see hen whether or not it has potential...
Re: MB-Trac
Hello guys,

I think indeed this problem is not easy to solve. But I
think most people who visit your site want to see some
interesting pictures of machinery or farming in general.

I personally don't care if they are taken by yourself,
captured from the internet or scanned. As long as the
quality is acceptable.

And by the way, in my opinion capturing a picture from
another website is not something "stolen". If someone wants
his pictures not to be copied ore whatever, than he has to
keep them in his bedroom locked in a safe. The internet is
available for everyone and "steal" from the web is therefore
not possible. We are in a web society, not in the middle

But I agree some checks can be done. I find in the farmphoto
website e.g. 3 times the same picture of a combine Laverda
M120, posted by different people. If you would be able to
check this, it would already be an improvement.

By the way, I find farmphoto a fantastic website, and I
would like to congratulate the webmaster with the recent
modifications, being the subgroups of the machinery part.

Raf from Belgium
Re: MB-Trac
Hi Raf,

I can´t agree with your mind that in the internet age every
thing belongs to everyone. I think this experiece is part of
the comunismus and this has ended at the end of the 80th. I
think internet is a fantastic way that all information can
have everyone, but not everyone can say, this information
comes from me. If you make a scientivic work you must quote
all knowledges of other sources. And it is also illegal if
you copy a software in the age of burners in a age when the
copy of many books on one CD is very easy.

When you say you like any picture in good quality, than I
ask you why they are copyed? Because they are in good
quality and this people are not able to make a picture
except the tractor stands by a dealer!

I can´t agree you. Ownship must still standig or all good
and intersting things are locked in the safe of the bedroom
in future!

I never earned any money with my pictures. But this is may
work and noone is authorized to say this is my work.

Greetings to Belgium

Re: MB-Trac
I'm with Theo on this point. The fact that you *can* take
stuff off the web doesn't mean you *should*. Everything that
I have read indicates that copyright laws are valid for all
material posted to the web.

Most people who post pictures to the web implicitly
acknowledge that someone may download it and use it.
However, legally the ownership of the picture still resides
with the poster. If they are not happy with the way it is
being used they may well seek legal remedies.

Think about if you posted a picture to and
someone downloaded it and used it on a magazine cover
without even acknowledging you as the photographer. Would
you not be irritated?

I know other webmasters get irritated because I have had
several emails asking me to remove certain images that were
taken from their sites.

I have one friend (Todd Golly, a farmer from Minnesota) who
was even sued because someone posted a professional
photographers work to his website (

We need to respect the rights of everybody. People often
take great pride in their photographs (even if they are not
professional photographers) and we need to appreciate and
respect their need to have control over how and where that
work is displayed.
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